Dialogue for Waterfiend (familiar)

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Chat[edit | edit source]

Dialogue 1

  • Player: Aren't you more of an elemental than a demon?
  • Waterfiend: Fwoosh! (I am water and I am fiend. My name should give you umpteen clues.)
  • Player: All I can deduce from your name is that you should have spent a little more time, and a little more care, in coming up with it.

Dialogue 2

  • Player: So, I have to ask: if you're frozen, do you turn into an icefiend?
  • Waterfiend: Fwoosh! (Say, if you are frozen, do you turn into an icemoron?)
  • Waterfiend: Fwoosh! (No, you're still a moron, just a little colder and - one would hope - a little more dead.)
  • Player: Wonderful. I will file that under 'questions never to ask again'.