Transcript of Waterfall Quest journal entry

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  • I spoke to Almera in a house close to the Baxtorian waterfall. Her son was missing so I offered to help find him. The boy, Hudon's looking for treasure in the waterfall.
  • I found Hudon a short raft ride down the river. He is convinced there is treasure here somewhere. Maybe I need to do a little research.
  • I found a book in the tourist office about Baxtorian. The book tells of a sad love story about two elf lovers. It ends with Baxtorian withdrawing to his home under the waterfall after his wife dies. It is told that only Glarial could enter their home.
  • The book also mentions Glarial's tomb and a pebble, it appears that the pebble is used to enter the tomb. From what I understand Glarial's pebble was hidden in a cave under the Tree Gnome Village by Golrie's ancestors.
  • I have managed to enter the tomb of Glarial. There must be something that will help me down here.
  • Inside the tomb I found Glarial's amulet.
  • I finally got access to the derelict home of Baxtorian. The door must have been keyed to Glarial's amulet.
  • I have found a room containing the Chalice of Eternity. The chalice is suspended in midair just out of reach.
  • Putting runes on the pillars activated some ancient magic. Maybe I should try to finish casting the prehistoric spell.
  • By putting Glarial's amulet on her statue I finished a spell that made the floor raise. Now I'm able to get to the chalice.
  • Using the Glarial's ashes as a counterweight, I was able to remove the treasure that had been left in the chalice.