Transcript of Watchtower journal entry

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  • I accepted the challenge of finding the lost crystals.
  • I found some fingernails as evidence. I should take them to the Watchtower wizard.
  • I was given a map by the guard.
  • I need to search the skavid caves.
  • I found my way into the skavid caves.
  • I used some cave nightshade to distract the enclave guard.
  • I need to defeat the ogre shamans and find the other crystals.
  • I tried to defeat the shamans, but they are protected by powerful magics! I should speak with the Watchtower wizard to see if he has any advice for me.
  • I have made the ogre potion.
  • I gave the potion to the wizard
  • He infused it into a magic ogre potion
  • I need to defeat the ogre shamans.
  • I killed all the ogre shamans.
  • I need to return all the crystals to the Watchtower wizard.
  • I helped the wizards in Yanille, and rescued the lost crystals.
  • I defeated the ogres and their minions.
  • I read the scroll and gained a new teleport spell.
  • I can return to the Watchtower at any time.
  • My task here is done.