Transcript of Warforge Dig Site

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This transcript involves dialogue with Guildmaster Tony and the player.

Descending with the lift before talking to Zanik[edit | edit source]

  • Player I should probably speak with the site manager first.

Opening cutscene[edit | edit source]

  • [Guildmaster Tony]: The monolith shared what it could about the Warforge, but it's as you would expect from a Bandosian construction. Bandos's mercenary armies are quite well documented in comparison to other Third Age events, after all, and they had to be trained somewhere. What strikes me most, however, is that the few artefacts discovered so far are not consistent with other Bandosian creations. Who or what created the armaments for Bandos's mercenaries, and why is this secret so well buried?

Closing cutscene[edit | edit source]

  • [Guildmaster Tony]: Bandos's capriciousness and cruelty knew no bounds. Prior to his eviction, he buried his goblin charges beneath the dirt. Left them to splinter and fight, trapped in darkness - the Forge Wars - and to devolve into beings bent only on fighting for survival. The abducted imcando dwarf, Thalmund, once the flaming heart of the Warforge, was their only saviour. All goblins revered him for his fine weaponsmithing, and so was he able to eventually dig an escape tunnel and lead them back to the surface.