Transcript of Warfare Is Based On Deception

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Trapper and the player.

Before Voyage

  • Player: Mr. Wellington-Smythe, what's your plan?
  • The Trapper: I'm going to hunt the tricksy devil down. While no-one can agree on the nature of the beast, they all agree it lives on one island. I'm going alone-
  • Player: Alone? I'm sorry, Reginald, I cannot allow that.
  • The Trapper: You must mistake me for someone else! I am the inestimable Reginald Wellington-Smythe! Once, on a foray in Karamja, I-
  • Player: -wrestled a lion to death with your thighs, or something. You said it yourself - an invisible creature could cause you mischief.
  • The Trapper: I did, didn't I? Nevertheless, you'd be hard-pushed to find someone to join me.
  • Player: Get some backup, or your ship doesn't sail.
  • The Trapper: Fine! I suppose you want me home by midnight, too.

After Voyage

  • The Trapper: The babysitters are back!
  • Player: They were there to assist you.
  • The Trapper: And an amazing job they did too. Blind as a gaggle of fruit bats.
  • Player: No luck then?
  • The Trapper: I wouldn't say that. It made it easier to sneak away without them.
  • Player: They were there to help you!
  • The Trapper: And they helped by staying put. Still, I located some rather interesting animals. There were boars, lizards, frogs... I tried to sneak up on them, but a bird came out of nowhere and alerted the rest. In an instant, they were gone.
  • Player: You lost them?
  • The Trapper: I followed their various tracks...but they vanished. So many different tracks, so many different animals, all leading to rocks or clumps of flowers.
  • Player: What are you going to do?
  • The Trapper: I'll be planning the next expedition. No-one outfoxes Reginald Wellington-Smythe.