Dialogue for War-chief Reeves

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  • Player: Permission to speak, sir. [player salutes]
  • War-chief Reeves: Granted.
    • Player: My compliments on your office.
      • War-chief Reeves: Yes, well, after 16 years of hard work as war-chief here at A.R.M.S., it's to be expected.
      • Player: If you don't mind me saying, sir, I'd guess that you've seen a few interesting battles.
      • War-chief Reeves: Most definitely. I remember running into battle with nothing but my fists as weapons.
      • Player: Must have been a long fight.
      • War-chief Reeves: Indeed. Word has spread of some of your victories - congratulations are in order.
      • Player: Thank you, sir. That means a lot.
      • War-chief Reeves: Just keep an eye on your surroundings and be aware of your enemy and I'm sure you'll do fine.
    • Player: Can I exchange my reward credits?
      • War-chief Reeves: I suppose I can grant you this. What are you after?
        • Player: Reward items. [opens interface]
        • Player: Spoils of war. [opens interface]
        • Player: Imbue rings.
          • War-chief Reeves: I can imbue a few rings to give additional combat boosts. Which would you like?
          • [ring selection]
        • Player: I've changed my mind.
    • Player: Can I change my rank prefix please?
      • War-chief Reeves: Of course. What rank prefix would you like?
      • [title selection]
    • Player: Excuse me, may I leave?
      • War-chief Reeves: Dismissed.

Clicking out of dialogue:

  • War-chief Reeves: At what point did I dismiss you? [overhead]