Transcript of Wanted! journal entry

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  • It turned out that there had been a problem with my application to the Temple Knights, because I was not a fully qualified member of the White Knights beforehand
  • Luckily, Sir Tiffy Cashien had a plan to get me into the White Knights without having to be a squire for 5 years beforehand.
  • I went and spoke to Sir Amik, and he seemed happy to deputise me, but there is no crisis to allow him to.
  • Sir Tiffy's plan relied on the fact that when a crisis occurs, I could be deputised immediately and become a full-fledged White Knight.
  • Tiffy's plan worked perfectly, and I am now deputised to bring in the dangerous criminal Solus Dellagar by any means necessary - but first I have to find him!
  • With the help of Savant from the Temple Knights, and their CommOrb device, I managed to finally track down the evil Solus and have him taken into Temple Knight custody for interrogation.
  • In reward, I have now become a fully fledged White Knight of Falador!
  • As a White Knight I can buy Armour and weaponry from Sir Vyvin in Falador Castle.
  • I can buy armour appropriate to my White Knight level. I can improve this level by killing Black Knights
  • I am currently a LEVEL White Knight.