Dialogue for Wannabe archaeologist

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Overhead lines[edit | edit source]

  • (One of the following is shown every 30 seconds:)
    • Wannabe archaeologist: Hey Player, have you heard about the archaeology guild opening soon?
    • Wannabe archaeologist: Hey Player, I don't suppose you have a minute?
    • Wannabe archaeologist: Oh I'm so excited, it's about time the museum got a move on.

When talked to[edit | edit source]

  • Wannabe archaeologist: Oh hello there! Exciting times are approaching... or possibly approached.
  • Wannabe archaeologist: The museum has finally obtained the funding to start digging into the history of Gielinor. Quite literally.
  • Wannabe archaeologist: Soon the guild will be opening at the Varrock Dig Site and the door to the past will be flung wide open!
  • Wannabe archaeologist: You should give it a look yourself. An accomplished adventurer like you, why I bet you'll be a natural!
  • Wannabe archaeologist: You'll need quite the skill to dig deep into the earth and uncover the ancient secrets.
  • Wannabe archaeologist: And I bet there'll be plenty of strange and wonderful discoveries you could make to enhance your adventuring!
  • Wannabe archaeologist: Give it a look, the Archaeology Guild will be coming to the Varrock Dig Site soon!