Transcript of Vote TEAM RIGHTEOUS!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] hello citizens of Gila nah I'm here to
[00:06] tell you why you should join team
[00:07] righteousness Halloween your favorite
[00:09] towns of falador and varrick are in
[00:11] danger mud saver and his misguided
[00:13] heinous followers planned to unleash an
[00:15] army of ghosts upon these much-loved
[00:16] cities and we must stop him you've
[00:19] already seen him lose once let's make
[00:21] sure he loses again the bunny suit was
[00:23] humiliating but it's nothing on what we
[00:25] have in store for Sabre this year mud
[00:27] paw Lempert saber in his place last time
[00:29] and now it's time for us to do the same
[00:30] once more he lost the choco Treece a
[00:33] bird made from chocolate is that really
[00:35] the kind of evil ruler you want for
[00:38] gyllenhaal I mean if you can't win with
[00:39] evil chicken on the side then you're
[00:41] probably never going to win at all if we
[00:43] can muster the support to defeat saber
[00:45] and his goons this october will be
[00:47] throwing them into other countries most
[00:48] haunted locations to spend the night and
[00:50] we all know that rabbits don't fare well
[00:51] in the dark so do what's right and join
[00:54] team righteousness Halloween