Transcript of Vote TEAM HEINOUS!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] good evening that time of the year is
[00:08] upon us again it's the season of All
[00:11] Hallows Eve and this year the time has
[00:14] finally come for our order of evil monks
[00:16] to rise up and curse the righteous for
[00:20] too long now the tons of valid or and
[00:22] varick have enjoyed an era of relative
[00:24] calm and it is time for us to bring our
[00:27] years of plotting to fruition by
[00:29] bringing down the magical barriers
[00:31] surrounding the cities and flooding the
[00:34] towns with a dark spirit minions help
[00:37] I'll even throw in a couple of infernal
[00:39] and data as to why not some of you may
[00:42] remember my supreme victory at Easter
[00:44] this year I went along with the whole
[00:47] losing thing as multiple sobbing was
[00:49] starting to get a little tiresome and
[00:51] this season things will be no different
[00:54] mud Mike is new to the team and I do not
[00:57] lose to news in fact I heard he only
[01:00] chose the light because he's scared of
[01:02] the dark he still sleeps with a
[01:04] nightlight not to mention the whole
[01:06] wetting the bed thing is this really the
[01:08] person you want to triumph this
[01:10] Halloween in the end these lily-livered
[01:13] light loving light weights can never
[01:16] hope to stand up to our cunning and
[01:17] deadliness and I'd dark intentions I
[01:21] beseech you adventurer join us on our
[01:24] quest is sow the seeds of chaos amongst
[01:27] the good people of Gyllenhaal after all
[01:30] it is the right time of the year to give
[01:32] in to your more heinous side
[01:39] you