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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

If first encounter with Vorago

  • Vorago: Welcome, stranger.
  • Player: I'm no stranger. Call me [Player].
  • Vorago: So be it, [Player]. I am the Immoveable. The Enduring. You may call me Vorago.

If not first encounter with Vorago

  • Vorago: [Player] returns.

If player has beaten Vorago with Maul of Omens

  • Vorago: [Player] defeats me, and yet returns...
  • Player: What are you?
    • Vorago: I know only that I am of the earth, and the earth and I are one. More than those above see and know. I am here to ensure the continuation of that life.
    • Player: I've heard of living rock creatures, not far from here. Are you of the same kind?
    • Vorago: They are known to me. I am not as they are, however. The earth soul and I are as one, and they are my wards.
    • Player: You talk like you don't know what you are.
      • Vorago: It is hard to describe in words that you will understand. I am one with the earth soul. It permeates me, and grants me the power to command the earth.
      • Player: Command it? What do you mean by that?
      • Vorago: I feel the fury of the battles that have taken place on this good earth. I can command it to take shape and fight back, if necessary.
      • Player: You could fight?
      • Vorago: Should I deem it necessary. Should something be of significant enough worth to warrant it, yes.
    • Player: So where did you come from?
      • Vorago: That is an unknown. I feel reawakened of late, as if the world has changed.
      • Player: A lot has changed recently for us all. Do you remember anything before this reawakening?
      • Vorago: I remember taking shape at one point in my past, using the power of the earth to destroy. I was defeated by a powerful weapon.
      • Player: Interesting. Where would that weapon be now?
      • Vorago: I have it. I may be stopped but not destroyed, I will simply reform in new earth once more. Besides, I hold the only weapon ever to defeat me within my rock itself.
    • Player: Do you know much about gods?
      • Vorago: They are known to me, yes.
      • Player: Are you aligned to any?
      • Vorago: No. Their concerns are not mine. I seek only to defend the deep earth, and to repel those who would do it harm.
      • Player: You'd fight them?
      • Before the conclusion of Tuska Comes
        • Vorago: I seek worthy opponents against which to test myself, to increase my strength and skill. If a god were to approach with such a purpose, it would no doubt be a worthy battle. If they came as conquerors or destroyers, though, then I would need to be prepared.
      • After Tuska Comes
        • Vorago: I have done. The world devourer came to destroy this earth. This earth rose up to meet the challenger. The challenger lies motionless in the ocean. The earth remains.
  • Player: What are you doing here?
    • Vorago: I am waiting.
    • Player: Waiting for what?
    • Vorago: Those worthy of facing me in battle.
    • Player: Worthy of facing you?
      • Vorago: Yes. I must do battle with the strongest ones of this world, to defend against what is to come.
      • Player: Who are the unworthy, then?
      • If not defeated before
        • Vorago: To prepare for what is to come, I must fight at the peak of my strength. Those who cannot stand before my power are not worthy. To fight me would be a waste of their lives and of time.
      • If defeated at least once
        • Vorago: You have defeated me in the past. Consider yourself worthy.
    • Player: Can I face you?
      • Vorago: I offer a fair test to those who wish to challenge me - a test of resilience and resolve.
      • Player: I'm listening.
      • Vorago: If you or a group of your allies can withstand my raw power, I will face you in combat inside the borehole below.
      • Player: When you say 'raw power', how much are we talking about here?
      • Vorago: I won't hold back. Ensure anyone you bring with you has spoken to me about this as well before I take them with us into the borehole.
      • Chatbox: Challenging Vorago will initiate an attack. After 20 seconds he will unleash 50,000 damage across yourself and those who choose to accept and go with you into the borehole. Only players who have also spoken to Vorago this far will be offered the option to join a fight if you initiate a challenge.
      • Vorago: So, do we fight?
      • Player: We fight.
        • fights begins
      • Player: Not right now.
        • Vorago: A wise decision, [Player].
  • Player: I don't want to talk to you
    • Vorago: It is wise of you to leave. Farewell.

Challenging Vorago before talking to him[edit | edit source]

  • Vorago: So impatient you surfacers are. Speak to me first, for to engage in battle with me ill-prepared could mean your death.

Hard mode[edit | edit source]

If player doesn't have requirements to face Vorago in hard mode

  • Vorago: I'm impressed you've come this close, however I'm not going to spend my time on the unworthy.
  • Attempting to challenge him
    • Vorago: I don't think you are quite up to the challenge. Begone.

If player has requirements to face Vorago in hard mode

  • Vorago: [Player], I'm glad you've come. Now that I've warmed up a bit, how about a real fight?
  • Player: Haven't you had enough?
  • Vorago: Never. I told you before that I am the Enduring. So, do we fight?
    • Player: We fight.
    • Player: Not right now.
      • Vorago: A wise decision. I'll be waiting.

Dying to the power wave[edit | edit source]

  • Vorago: ...and so another group fails to survive my power.

During the battle[edit | edit source]

Initiating the The End special attack

  • Vorago: This is...
  • Vorago: The end!

Mauling phase 10 in hard mode

  • Vorago: Enough! If you truly are the Defeater, [Player] - show me!