Transcript of Voices Raised in Lamentation

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Missionary and the player.


  • Player: Are the orphans still working for you?
  • The Missionary: You know they're not. I'm not in the mood for jokes. Half the sea orphans won't work for me, and the other half are terrified of invasion.
  • Player: Have the Zamorakian missionaries visited again?
  • The Missionary: The Zamorakians think they've finished me off. They think the orphans are well and truly turned against me. 'But even when the rivers flow away from Saradomin, they cannot deny their source'.
  • The Missionary: That hasn't stopped the malicious spiders from spoiling everything, though. They're in league with the Purist fanatics. They've told them the location of the orphans.
  • The Missionary: So, the godless Purists are frothing at the mouth, furious that these 'abominations' have deigned to survive. They're gathering a fleet in the Scythe Islands.
  • The Missionary: I won't let these Purists burn down my church. And I've not given up on the orphans yet. I've still a plan to claim them for Saradomin, and I can't do that if they're dead.
  • Player: How would you feel about leading the operation? Meet their two ships head on.
  • The Missionary: You try to hold me back.


  • The Missionary: The Purists' schooners were fast! Still, we chased the last one away before it could do too much damage.
  • Player: I've heard different reports. Several orphans died, Tomlin.
  • The Missionary: That may be true, but we ripped holes in the Purists' hull. They must be bailing out as we speak.
  • Player: My crew believes that you left the ship through. They believe you wanted to remind the orphans that they needed you; that they were weak without you.
  • The Missionary: Ha! Rumours and lies. Sounds like your crew have been at sea too long.
  • Player: Just be quiet! Whatever it was - one of your 'opportunities' or not - it cost over two dozen sea orphans their lives.
  • The Missionary: Look here - they are down to one ship. The orphans are safe. You should be careful what you say.
  • Player: When you acted, you acted well. But letting people die to prove a point? You should question your actions, Tomlin.