Transcript of Voice Acting in RuneScape

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:06] today we've come down to London near
[00:07] Kings Cross - company called om UK who
[00:10] specialize in voice overs behind us you
[00:13] can see one or two of the games we've
[00:15] done I think we've almost done 500 over
[00:17] the years and we were set up
[00:19] specifically to bring high quality
[00:21] dialogue to video games there's about 60
[00:25] 70 different characters that we're doing
[00:27] got some characters from quests we've
[00:28] got roll of the stout that nails Newton
[00:31] we've got druids like pick up sticks and
[00:33] scale electrics and we've also got loads
[00:36] and loads of little kind of actors
[00:38] shopkeepers and guards and soldiers all
[00:42] kinds of different people voiceovers are
[00:44] really important for runescape it adds
[00:46] an extra level of immersion and
[00:48] believability you know the gift they
[00:50] give the characters character literally
[00:52] they make that come alive what are they
[00:54] soldiers must master branch I'm either
[01:06] repurchased balls of wool that means are
[01:08] bored of stuff you pick out you've got
[01:10] to find a way of animating it you're
[01:12] putting some breathing energy and life
[01:14] into it so that the player can engage
[01:16] with it from my perspective you're just
[01:18] watching the character it's all the time
[01:20] when the voice is right the character
[01:21] comes to life and that is what our role
[01:24] is about really it's about bringing
[01:25] those characters to life but just
[01:27] imagine just slightly see now making the
[01:35] link to the cells of terribly big
[01:37] stonefish appears of course having her
[01:40] given a verbal breakdown so they'll say
[01:43] that they're strong or they're mystical
[01:46] but it usually helps if you can see an
[01:49] image when people are voicing characters
[01:51] they tend to take on a little bit of a
[01:53] physicality I'm the lady that week
[01:56] please forgive my distraction the waters
[01:59] of my lake are in when I was doing the
[02:02] Lady of the lake I found it really
[02:04] helpful if I was moving my arms in a
[02:08] watery way I obviously looked ridiculous
[02:11] but it helps give a sense of
[02:14] space if you're moving your arms around
[02:16] or it gives you it gives you a bit of a
[02:19] physicality truly female Jewish West
[02:22] countries we can West Country get X hold
[02:24] a hormone dude chill done fix help us go
[02:30] fix help us the main character that I
[02:32] spent most of the morning on was the
[02:37] druid character pick up sticks we
[02:39] approached the same way as a sort of
[02:41] Brian Blessed he kind of a character can
[02:42] I say that yes I'm sure I get very
[02:46] over-the-top and weird and confused as
[02:53] well when they've all been recorded they
[02:58] basically just give me a whole bunch of
[02:59] sounds and then it's up to me to take
[03:01] them and make them work in the game
[03:03] obviously I cut it sounds up I process
[03:06] them integrate them into the game engine
[03:08] and they have to be tested and hopefully
[03:11] they can be made to work and the
[03:12] character sounds like it should close
[03:14] the day done probably won't cracked it