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Compiled reports of the Sedecim legion to the command of Nex; Year 1987 of the Zarosian Empire calendar - Solar quarter.

Virtus - Secundus nundinal[edit | edit source]

We split from General Zamorak's group a while back as they continue west towards Prifddinas. I have a terrible feeling in my gut that something awful is due to happen. No, Perjour is with them, the dancer is unfailingly loyal and the party is more than capable of dealing with these elves. We must press on, as Glacies and I are due to reach Ghorrock soon. We'll meet with the matriarch, Lamahastrac, then rest and make preparations for the coming weeks. As ordered, I am to oversee the new magical fortifications being constructed in a around the fortress while Glacies heads out into the snowfields to the west. There she can spend time to confirm and study the lingering magic reportedly locked into the surrounding rock, snow and ice.


A scholar and some local miners were sent out from the fortress alongside Glacies and confirmed that some of the strata, speculated to have formed roughly 500 years apart, leaks a strange energy from particularly dense concentrations of black and purple crystals. Their formation remains a mystery but my suspicion is that that they appeared as an unintended result of the secretive ritual conducted nearby by those closest to our lord. The dates appear to match Ghorrock's records. I was brought a small sample and the magical energy was unlike any I have encountered myself. This is nothing like the primal forces that might be bound into runes, it's something purer. Glacies could only describe interaction with it as feeling like that of an embrace, or raw emotion, from something greater than a single being. Most unscientific, but she seems able to manipulate the energy. I leave her to experiment while I travel to the other Forinthry fortresses and assess their defensive feasability.

-Virtus; Secundus nundinal, throughout, of the Solar quarter.

Pernix - Quintus nundinal[edit | edit source]

Report; Quintus nundinal/Solar quarter.


-Located the mole. Will observe. Saradominist.

-Operating with Lucien's command. Unbeknownst to him

-Poorly skilled in subterfuge. Rookie mistakes.

-Have been controlling flow of information.

-Yet to glean anything of note.


-Lucien's company moving westwards. Pursuing.

-Acquired information on direct Saradominist communication line.

-Certain there's something larger here.



-Spy discovered by Lucien.

-No action was undertaken. Odd.

-Gestures accompanying the word 'staff' indicate importance.

-Will monitor direct comms closely.


Virtus - Sextus nundinal[edit | edit source]

I return to Ghorrock after three weeks to find the strange energy gone and Glacies transformed. Inhuman, but somehow not. The body is changed but the essence remains, conscious, unfazed and entirely tuned to ice magic. She tells me that this energy only reacted to fill a void, that she drained her own life to weave this strange power into her very soul. Had I been present I wouldn't have allowed such a dangerous act. Necromancy is better left to those skilled enough to join Zemouregal's legion but the result is agreeable. There's a certain... something that I feel in her now that I always did in you, my Legatus, that might complement your own magical skills perfectly. Might we investigate other reports of this energy with my other three preferred disciples I would request that, should they live up to their potential, they all be promoted to rank among your personal guard.

Annakarl is impenetrable. Their bulwark, physically and strategically is perfect. It would take the combined armies of two gods to destroy it! Dareeyak, conversely, is complacent. Citing their geographical position in the empire as an excuse for a lackluster resolve on defence, they rebuff my advice in every instance. Perhaps a direct visit from a legate might spur their action.

Carrallanger struggles to expand with their limited manpower and would significantly benefit from outside reinforcement. Despite this they are adequately cautious. Balustan, a dragon rider in the post of security head had slowed me down significantly because of the most minor mistake on one of my papers. Spies from the outside worry me not here. However two of the others in charge, Apropos and Morvannon, were absent. With no adequate excuse offered by their colleagues I've left men to follow up on this issue, though authoritative action might be required.


Primusdie, Sextus nundial of the Solar quarter.

Torva - Sextus nundinal[edit | edit source]

-Battle report; Pre-emptive engagement with enemy forces - southwest Hallowvale

-Tribunus Torva of the Sedecim Legion

-Secundusdie to Septimusdie. Sextus nundial 1987

The river crossing from Senntisten was uneventful. Umbra's shadow enchantments have continued to prove incredibly useful in the movement of troops. My battalion arrived in my old hometown, Flamtaer, this morning. No. More accurately, what had been rebuilt of it. Our reports from Viggora had been at least in part on point. The old temple, intact after the ripper attack years ago has been intentionally destroyed but the other structures have been crudely rebuilt. The town was swarming with humans in tatty robes and nonchalant icyene but there doesn't appear to be any of the large scale military organisation supposedly recorded by his scouts. No discipline, no structured drills, barely any patrols.

We were spotted of course, that was our intention, and easily overwhelmed their rabbled forces. This was to be a pre-emptive strike against aggressors from the Hallowed land but our presence here will be seen as an act of invasion. I fear we face a counterattack larger and better organised in future than the battle we expected here. Worse, a significant portion of the Senntisten guard were unnecessarily enlisted into my forces for this needless operation, leaving the golden city relatively undefended. There will need to be stern repercussions against General Viggora.