Dialogue for Vinny

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Conversation 1
  • Player: Are you grumpy again today?
  • Vinny: I am.
  • Player: Why is that?
  • Vinny: Well, I was having breakfast. I got my beans. I got my meat. I got my bread. But...
  • Player: That sounds pretty good for breakfast! Why are you sad about that?
  • Vinny: I wanted some toadstools, but there wasn't mushroom on my plate for any more!
  • Player: This is why we stopped going to breakfast together...
Conversation 2
  • Vinny: I like having vines on my back. I can wrap them around me and be all cosy.
  • Vinny: I can use them to pick things up when I don't have any room in my hands.
  • Player: But you don't have any hands. You've just got feet!
  • Vinny: Of course I have hands. Look!
  • Player: I don't see anything.
  • Vinny: I'm holding them up in the air!
  • Player: Have you ever heard of phantom limb?
  • Vinny: Let's do the hokey pokey!
  • Vinny: Put your right hand in!
  • Player: I keep trying to tell you. You don't have any hands.
  • Vinny: Well, don't just stand there! Give me a hand.