Dialogue for Victor (goblin)

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  • Victor: Hello!
  • Player: Woah! Hey there!
  • Victor: What brings you to Draynor on a fine day like this?
  • Player: It's a bit overcast don't you think?
  • Victor: It may be a bit dark, but you need to see beauty in all things. No matter what it looks like at face value.
  • Player: You're right, what a lovely day to be out taking a stroll... Looking at all the trees.
  • Victor: The trees are all dead mate.
  • Player: But beautiful still.
  • Victor: Not really. But speaking of beauty...
  • Victor lets out a deep sigh.
  • Player: What's wrong pal?
  • Victor: Life isn't easy being a goblin, people look at us and instantly think we're ugly vile creatures. It's not worth talking about as she'll never give me the time of day.
  • Player: Who?
  • Victor: Wendy, she's the young witch over by the cart. I've always wanted to go over and say something but I have no idea what I'd even say. The way her hair flows... ...to the slight swagger in the way she walks... ...how will I ask her out?
  • Player: How about; 'Hey, I know this is a bit forward but would you like to join me at the Blue moon inn[sic] for a beverage followed up by a nice stroll through Falador park.'
  • Victor: Not a chance... She won't give me the time of day.
  • Player: Have you tried?
  • Victor: No.
  • Player: Then how can you jump to that conclusion.[sic] You never know until you try right?
  • Victor: You're right but she'll judge me because I'm just an ugly green goblin.
  • Player: What happened to the 'Beauty in all things'? Perhaps she'll look past all that and agree to a date.
  • Victor: You know what. I'll do it. Thank you... What's ya name again?
  • Player: Player.
  • Victor: Well, thank you Player for the sound advice. I'll have to practice what I'm going to say.