Dialogue for Vanescula Drakan

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Everlight[edit | edit source]

  • Vanescula Drakan: If you aren't here to tell me you've figured out how to turn this blasted light off, why are you here?

Before completing the Archaeology tutorial[edit | edit source]

  • You need to complete the Archaeology tutorial before you can work at this site.
  • Speak to Acting Guildmaster Reiniger at the Archaeology campus, east of the Varrock lodestone, to learn more.

After completing the Archaeology tutorial[edit | edit source]

With below 42 Archaeology[edit | edit source]

  • You need 42 Archaeology to acccess this site.

With at least 42 Archaeology[edit | edit source]

First time[edit | edit source]
  • (Cutscene begins, and Guildmaster Tony starts narrating the following.)
  • The monolith has given me information on the icyene structure known as Everlight, a lighthouse on Morytania's east coast.
  • More than just a lighthouse, though, it served as a beacon of hope for the icyene race, newly migrated to Gielinor.
  • But what could power such a beacon, to shine so brightly day and night across the surrounding 'hallowed' lands?
  • And what opposing force of darkness could have snuffed out the Everlight and sunk it beneath the waves?
Afterwards[edit | edit source]
  • (The first time after completing The Everlight:)
    • (Cutscene begins, and Guildmaster Tony starts narrating the following.)
    • The sacking of Everlight was an atrocity, to be sure, but it was just a place, a thing.
    • The loss of not only many icyene people, but also their way of life, was the true tragedy here.
    • Lord Drakan and his vampyres took such offence at this beacon that they could not abide its existence.
    • Yet the surviving icyene, to this day, carry Everlight's warmth and hope within them, an example to us all.
  • Select an option
    • Why are you the site manager here?
      • Vanescula Drakan: I'm sure it's some cruel and unusual punishment dreamt up by King Roald, perhaps penance for some perceived past insult. Once this archaeology bug hit the zeitgeist, Varrock has been keen to, shall we say, benefit from it. Roald, via Aeonisig, communicated to us about the importance of being seen to be participating in worldwide political affairs.
      • Player: I can't imagine that is what motivated you to be here.
      • Vanescula Drakan: Indeed. I have little interest in politics. I have my own reasons for being involved here. One, when this so-called lighthouse rose back up out of the sea, that damnable light was shining right into my sleeping quarters! Curtains are useless against its overwhelming luminosity. I shall not get a good day's sleep until it's been switched back off, or at least less bright. And two, well, Efaritay has personal reasons for not wanting to be involved here, which I can empathise with - yes, I can do empathy, don't belittle me.
      • Plyer: I didn't say anything!
      • Vanescula Drakan: As much as I may not be interested in politics, I am invested in the alliance we have going on here now.
      • Player: Aww, see, you do care.
      • Vanescula Drakan: Don't make me eat you.
      • (Shows previous options)
    • What is this dig site about?
      • Player: So, what exactly is this place?
      • Vanescula Drakan: This is the long-lost lighthouse of Everlight. It, and the spit of land upon which it stood, was sunk beneath the sea by my very own brother, when my people annexed this land in the early-to-mid Third Age. While I did not personally sully myself with martial combat in that war, I can see why he had it razed. No doubt he found its brightness as oppressive as I do right now. It's not a lighthouse in the typical sense, more of a beacon of hope. The icyene are culturally afraid of the dark, so Efaritay tells me. On their home world of Hallow they lived forever beneath the sun, and the night side of their world was rarely survivable for their kind. So, Saradomin constructed this place to ease newly migrated icyene into a world where night and day move much faster than back at home. Efaritay was not pleased when I suggested it was effectively nothing more than a glorified children's nightlight. I'm sure it had other uses or values, but I do not know them.
      • (Shows previous options)
    • I want to talk about mysteries.
    • Bye.
      • Vanescula Drakan: Good, now get back to figuring out how to turn that light off. It's playing havoc with my sleep.