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Valluta's domain after The Void Stares Back[edit | edit source]

  • Valluta: Ah, my deliverer returns. Greetings, Player, mighty being.
  • Player: I had some questions for you if you don't mind.
  • Valluta: Please, by all means, ask Valluta, servitor of Guthix, what you will. I fear I know little outside of this chamber, but I shall answer as best I can.
  • Select an option
    • What exactly are you?
      • Player: What exactly are you?
      • Valluta: I am Valluta, protector of weak places. I exist to guard this world against creatures from the Void and beyond. It was Guthix, balancer of all scales, who placed me here, as he has placed so many other guardians against that which threatens his world. In this spot is a weakening, a closeness of worlds, and those worlds can be brought into conjunction. I am to prevent this.
      • Player: A job you performed less than admirably.
      • Valluta: Player, strong in reproach, is right to berate me. Of late I have felt echoes, small pulls of duty, but to a place far away from here.
      • Player: To where Grayzag was opening his portals on the islands in the southern seas...
      • Valluta: I could not draw myself back quickly enough when the attack came. Packed around with the leech goo, I was reduced to uselessness as you saw.
    • Have you recovered from your draining?
      • Player: Have you recovered from your draining?
      • Valluta: My strength returns swiftly. Within the hour I shall be quite capable of performing my purpose again.
      • Player: Good to hear. And what will you do now?
      • Valluta: I shall return to my vigil here, and keep this doorway into our world protected from the pests, voracious and deadly, as Guthix demands of me.
    • Will there be a new queen in the Void?
      • Player: Will there be a new queen in the Void?
      • Valluta: Yes. There is always a queen.
      • Player: And will the new one keep up the attack?
      • Valluta: It was once that the queen, slave driver of pests, could not enter this world, for the weakening was too small. Now, I do not know. I suspect not, and that she would need help again, but Grayzag, twisted and insane, is taken away and cannot help her.
      • Player: In the event that she doesn't need help, or if someone else helps her...
      • Valluta: Valluta, restored and contrite, stands ready.
    • Will the portals stop appearing now?
      • Player: It was Grayzag making the portals in the southern seas, so they'll stop appearing now, right?
      • Valluta: This is not the case. The efforts of Grayzag, impetuous and ambitious, have forever damaged the boundaries on which the portals form. I fear the brave Void Knights must continue their vigil still. They must be in future as they have been up to now: Valluta. Just as I am. Just as you are, and the sword you carry.
      • Player: Vall- Wait, you're saying that we're ALL the Valluta?
      • Valluta: Valluta is simply what I am, what I do. Protector. Fortification. Guard against the Void. All who fought here today have done this. All who fought here are Valluta.
    • That's all, thanks.
      • Player: That's all, thanks.
      • (Dialogue ends.)

Senntisten[edit | edit source]

  • Valluta: Anything worth doing is worth taking the time to do it correctly.