Dialogue for Ur-zek

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This transcript involves dialogue with Ur-zek, Ur-taal, and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

When speaking to Ur-taal or Ur-zek in Dorgesh-kaan

  • Ur-zek: I think that Ur-tag is trying to move too quickly. First, he opens the city to humans, and now he wants to invite these dwarves into the city. I think we should exercise more caution in dealing with surface-dwellers.
  • Ur-taal: The dwarves are not surface dwellers. They live in an underground city, like us!
  • Ur-zek: Why does that mean we can trust them? Are you forgetting the machine that nearly destroyed us was made by dwarves?
  • Ur-taal: You shouldn't judge all dwarves because of that!
  • Ur-zek: I know that! And I know not all humans want to kill us, but I still never thought we should open the city.
  • Ur-taal: You can't deny it's done some good. Think of how happy everyone is trying surface foods in the market!
  • Ur-zek: I'm not denying that, I just don't think it's worth the risk. Our guards have their work cut out as it is, protecting us from renegade humans, without having to worry about dwarves as well.
  • Ur-taal: Please don't be offended by my friend's attitude, surface- dweller. I'm sure you understand why we need to be cautious.
  • Player: Of course.