Dialogue for Ur-lun

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Conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Ur-lun:  At the next council meeting, I'm going to recommend that we change the guards uniforms to be red.
  • Ur-pel:  Why?
  • Ur-lun:  We have surface-dwellers coming down into our mines and our city now, and remember that they don't have very good eyesight. I worry that they can't see our guards very clearly in the dark. It is important for a guard to be seen.
  • Ur-pel:  You have a point. But i don't think red would be the best colour. It's the colour of blood, so it might give the wrong impression.
  • Ur-lun:  What colour do you suggest, then?
  • Ur-pel:  I suggest green. I have heard that the plants that grow on the surface are mostly green, so surface-dwellers might find that colour soothing.
  • Ur-lun:  No, I disagree. Guards should not be soothing, they should be seen as formidable. Red will give the correct impression.
  • Ur-pel:  Oh, hello surface-dweller. We were just discussing some council business.
    • Player:  Do you want me to pick an armour colour for you?
      • Ur-lun:  No, thank you. We don't one single goblin make decisions, and certainly not an outsider!
      • Ur-pel:  But we could do with an opinion. What armour colour do you think is best?
        • Player:  Red.
          • Ur-lun:  Thank you, surface-dweller. That's what I'll be recommending in the next meeting.
        • Player:  Green.
          • Ur-pel:  Thank you, surface-dweller. That's what I'll be recommending in the next meeting.
        • Player:  I think the guards are fine as they are.
          • Ur-lun:  Perhaps you're right. Not making any change would certainly be the easiest option!
    • Player:  I think I've been here before...
      • Ur-lun:  Oh? How so?
      • Player:  This is a lot like a conversation I had with some goblins on the surface.
      • Ur-pel:  Really? Which armour colour did they pick?
      • Player:  They ended up with the same armour colour that they started with!
      • Ur-lun:  You know, I think that's probably what we'll end up doing.