Dialogue for Unicorn stallion

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  • Conversation 1
    • Unicorn stallion: Neigh neigh neighneigh snort? (Isn't everything so awesomely wonderful?)
    • Player: Err...yes?
    • Unicorn stallion: Whicker whicker snuffle. (I can see you're not tuning in, Player name.)
    • Player: No, no, I'm completely at one with...you know...everything.
    • Unicorn stallion: Whicker! (Cosmic.)
  • Conversation 2
    • Unicorn stallion: Whicker whicker. Neigh, neigh, whinny. (I feel so, like, enlightened. Let's meditate and enhance our auras.)
    • Player: I can't do that! I barely even know you.
    • Unicorn stallion: Whicker... (Bipeds...)
  • Conversation 3
    • Unicorn stallion: Whinny whinny whinny. (I think I'm astrally projecting.)
    • Player: Okay... Hang on. Seeing as I summoned you here, wouldn't that mean you are physically projecting instead?
    • Unicorn stallion: Whicker whicker whicker. (You're, like, no fun at all, man.)
  • Conversation 4
    • Unicorn stallion: Whinny, neigh! (Oh, happy day!)
    • Player: Happy day? Is that some sort of holiday or something?
    • Unicorn stallion: Snuggle whicker (Man, you're totally, like, uncosmic, Player name.)
  • Conversation 5 (when the player is damaged.)
    • Unicorn stallion: Whicker snort! Whinny whinny whinny. (You're hurt! Let me try to heal you.)
    • Player: Yes, please do!
    • Unicorn stallion: Snuffle whicker whicker neigh neigh... (Okay, we'll begin with acupuncture and some reiki, then I'll get my crystals...)
    • Player: Or you could use some sort of magic...like the other unicorns...
    • Unicorn stallion: Whicker whinny whinny neigh. (Yes, but I believe in alternative medicine.)
    • Player: Riiight. Don't worry about it, then; I'll be fine.