Dialogue for Undead Witch

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In the small room with the Enlightened Sotapanna and Kal'gerion demon[edit | edit source]

  • Enlightened Sotapanna: Why do you suppose they've let in those... beasts?
  • Undead Witch: That was a long time ago. Look at them now.
  • Undead Witch: Mindless degenerates.
  • Enlightened Sotapanna: But could they be collared? Controlled?
  • Undead Witch: Hah! With our science it would be a trivial effort.
  • Undead Witch: Once the day is done, we shall command all of Teragard's resources.
  • Undead Witch: The Magisters won't be able to stand against us.
  • Enlightened Sotapanna: And can you be collared and controlled?
  • Undead Witch: House Charron always pays their debts.