Transcript of Unburdening the Soul

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Exile and the player.

Before Voyage

  • The Exile: I wish to apologise. You have shown me kindness and I have deceived you. You deserve to hear of my past. In truth, I do not know what I am.
  • Player: Go on...
  • The Exile: I was abandoned as a child. My parents could have been gorajo or ramokee. It does not matter. I was found and taken in by a ramokee skinweaver, and she became my challem. She was proud of her ramokee heritage and often would sing of it. Her music brought me much joy. It is her who the sirens reminded me of. My new tribe lived deeper within Daemonheim than any other tribe. We were tolerated - in part - because we numbered but a few, but it was mostly thanks to a deal struck with a man named Hearthen. The worldbearers of my tribe were tasked with carrying his imported wares down from the surface. My brother - my adopted brother - was our tribe's only bloodrager, and he was the one who dealt with Hearthen. He and the rest of our tribe would protect our caravan on the journey back down, but on one such trip, the caravan was ambushed. Everyone was killed, their throats slit. I...I survived, and I believe my brother did too. I have heard rumours that he fled to the east. I believe he is working in The Scythe region. Please, would you allow me use of one of your ships?
  • Player: Yes, of course. You have my leave. Go find him.
  • The Exile: Thank you, Portmaster.

After Voyage

  • Player: Did you find your brother?
  • The Exile: It was him...but he is no longer family to me.
  • Player: Tell me what happened.
  • The Exile: We embraced at first and shared in our loss. But he has twisted his pain into something dark. As a bloodrager, he should be protecting his tribe, but those he runs with, he bullies. He has styled himself a mercenary, hiring out his services.
  • Player: I'm sorry to hear that.
  • The Exile: He said I should join him, be family again. At first, I wanted to, but...he wanted me to hurt someone, to prove my loyalty to him. He told me it was my new role, that I should join him as an 'Endbringer'. We do not use that role anymore - it is one the gorajo have long abandoned. I am a worldbearer. I carry the burdens of others, I do not cause harm to them! He has lost his way. I shall not bear his shame.
  • Player: I'm sorry things didn't turn out how you'd hoped. Thank you for telling me your story.
  • The Exile: There is more of my story I wish to share with you, if you wish to hear it, but some other time.