Transcript of UnScape: New Game Mode for RuneScape! [April Fools' Day 2017]

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] We've been working on a secret project at Jagex HQ and we're excited to announce.
[00:05] UnScape. A brand new game mode for RuneScape.
[00:09] Like Ironman and Deadman before it,
[00:11] it's going to completely change the way you play the game.
[00:14] UnScape is a new game mode where you start in the Max Guild with fully max levels
[00:19] and then you slowly work your way back to level 1.
[00:23] When playing UnScape you want to make sure that you have a strategic plan in place
[00:27] because otherwise you might run into some issues such as locking yourself out of Invention.
[00:30] Because you might lower your skill past 80 Divination and then you no longer have access.
[00:35] You want to make sure that you take advantage of all things you can
[00:37] before you lock yourself out of content such as the Elf City.
[00:40] It's got some great training methods but you don't want to lock yourself out of there too early.
[00:46] Some of the milestones you can get on UnScape is all a host of brand new skill capes.
[00:49] These are called the unskill capes. So when you reach level 1 in a skill, you get an unskill cape.
[00:54] If you get two unskill capes, one of them will turn into the untrimmed unskill cape.
[00:59] UnScape is going to be a really unchallenging mode for you guys to try.
[01:03] You have to lose 4,000 games of Castle Wars.
[01:06] You have to release countless numbers of chompy birds.
[01:09] It's going to be quite interesting!
[01:12] If you finally manage to overcome all the hurdles and reach minimum level,
[01:16] you'll be rewarded with the prestigious Mincape,
[01:20] showing off to everyone that you've managed to get everything,
[01:23] all the way back to level 1.
[01:24] You have a perfect 0 XP account.
[01:27] We're also introducing new low-score tables,
[01:29] where you compete to see which one of your friends is actually at the lowest level right now.
[01:33] The biggest challenge that you're probably going to find is actually getting to true 0 XP,
[01:38] because finding those skilling activities which actually take off the correct amount of XP
[01:43] is going to be pretty difficult.
[01:44] One of our JMods has a habit of doing things sort of backwards.
[01:49] And that's inspired us to create UnScape.
[01:52] A mode that's sort of a tribute to them.
[01:57] I'd like to take this moment to announce RuneScape's official unofficial UnFest,
[02:01] which is happening last year. So make sure you get your tickets now.
[02:04] We're going to get a tiny stage in your living room
[02:07] and cancel all our really small updates.
[02:10] You're going to fill some great goody bags and give them to us
[02:13] and then unregister at the end of the event.
[02:15] That's everything we've got to talk about this week on UnScape.
[02:18] Please make sure you go to the forums and unpost a comment.
[02:20] We'll make sure to unread it in an untimely fashion.
[02:23] UnFest!
[02:24] UnScape! Yeah!
[02:30] It's my greatest pleasure to announce to you that we're going to be doing an UnFest.
[02:34] This is a new festival to celebrate UnScape.
[02:37] We're going to unorganise it for you this year for next year, last year, this year.
[02:41] What?
[02:42] Words.
[02:44] What's going on?