Dialogue for Ube

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This transcript involves dialogue with Ube and the player.
  • Ube: Hello. Can I help you at all?
  • Player: Can you look after this beacon for me?
    • Ube: Of course. Once the beacon is lit, just leave 5 logs with me and I'll take care of the fire for as long as I can.
  • Player: Can you tell me about other beacons?
    • Ube: But of course. Just have a look at my map.
  • Player: Is it possible to get information about beacons that are further away?
    • Ube: I can tell you about the state of the beacons in either direction, up to the last fires that are lit.
    • Ube: I could probably tell you about the other beacons as well, but I'd need the help of a macaw.
    • Player: A macaw?
    • Ube: Yes. Macaws have the ability to fly high into the air and see things that are much further away.
    • Ube: They are also highly intelligent and can be trained to provide the exact information I'd need for a complete overview of the beacon network.
  • Player: How's it going?
    • Ube: Pretty good, for the most part. I've done quite a lot of looking at the horizon today - it's quite hard work.
    • Player: Have you seen anything worrying?
    • Ube: Not so far, thankfully, but one has to stay constantly vigilant for threats coming from the north.
    • Player: Isn't it exhausting, constantly keeping your eyes peeled like that?
    • Ube: Well, actually, staring intently at anything for too long can be a strain on one's eyes.
    • Ube: I take a little break every hour or so and look away from the horizon for a few minutes, just to rest my eyes.
    • Player: Oh? What do you look at, then?
    • Ube: Well, actually, I'm also using this opportunity to increase my knowledge about local moulds and fungi.
    • Player: Are you being serious?
    • Ube: Not only can I spot danger from miles away, but I'm the quickest identifier of bread moulds this side of the River Lum!
    • Player: That's a...unique claim to fame.
    • Ube: I'm quite proud of it, really. I'm hoping to breanch out to yeasts next, then mushrooms.
  • Player: I'm done talking to you, now!
    • Ube: Fine! I'm done talking to you, too, then.