Dialogue for TzHaar-Mej-Jal

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Normal dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: You want help, TzHaar-Mej-Player?
    • What is this place?
      • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: This is the Fight Cave. TzHaar-Xil made it for practice, but many JalYt come here to fight, too. Just enter the cave and make sure you're prepared.
        • Are there any rules?
          • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: Rules? Survival is the only rule in there.
            • Do I win anything?
              • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: You ask a lot of questions. Might give you TokKul if you last long enough.
              • Player: You're still handing out ToKKul as a reward? TzHaar-Mej- Jeh said it was going to be melted down in the sacred lava, to release your dead from their torment.
              • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: TzHaar do not need currency. Each TzHaar work hard, and does their duty according to their caste. TzHaar ensure they have food and shelter, and all needs are met. JalYt come to TzHaar City, with heads full of gold and wealth and greed. Gold no use to TzHaar. Soft and easily broken, like JalYt. JalYt need rare token to trade. TokKul is memories of dead TzHaar. Trapped. Precious. TokKul is only rare token TzHaar have. Until TzHaar find new token, or JalYt have less greed, must trade in TokKul.
            • Sounds good.
              • (returns to previous options)
        • Thanks.
          • (dialogue terminates)
    • What did you call me?
      • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: Are you not TzHaar-Mej?
        • Why do you call me 'TzHaar-Mej'?
          • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: That what you are...you user of mystic powers, no? And you are JalYt no longer. You are TzHaar now.
          • Player: Well, yes, I suppose I am...
          • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: Then you TzHaar-Mej!
            • What are you then?
              • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: I am TzHaar-Mej, one of the mystics of this city. The TzHaar-Mej guide the TzHaar when change is necessary, and tend to TzHaar eggs to ensure they are hot and healthy. TzHaar-Mej are keepers of knowledge and magic. There are also the mighty TzHaar-Ket who guard us, the swift TzHaar-Xil who hunt for our food, and the skilled TzHaar-Hur who craft our homes and tools.
              • (dialogue terminates)
            • Thanks for explaining it.
              • (dialogue terminates)
        • Yes, I certainly am.
          • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: Then it is an honour to speak with you, TzHaar-Mej-Player. You great and powerful TzHaar, and defender of our city.
          • (dialogue terminates)
        • You must have me confused with another TzHaar.
          • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: I heard you are modest, TzHaar-Mej-Player. No need. Revel in our praise. You deserve all honour.
          • (dialogue terminates)
    • No, I'm fine. Thanks.
      • (dialogue terminates)

Fight Cave[edit | edit source]

Start of wave 1:

  • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: You're on your own now, JalYt. Prepare to fight for your life!

Start of wave 63:

  • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: Look out, here comes TzTok-Jad!

After defeating TzTok-Jad:

  • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: You even defeated TzTok-Jad, I am most impressed! Please accept this gift as a reward.

After dying in the Fight Cave:

  • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: Well done in the cave, here take Tokkul as reward.