Dialogue for TzHaar-Hur-Zuh

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  • TzHaar-Hur-Zuh: Can I help you, TzHaar-Mej-Player?
  • If you have items to be collected from the Grand Exchange
    • TzHaar-Hur-Zuh: Before we go any further, I should inform you that you have items ready for collection from the Grand Exchange.
    • I'd like to access my bank account, please.
      • Opens Bank
    • I'd like to check my PIN settings.
      • Opens Bank PIN settings
    • I'd like to see my collection box.
      • Opens Bank Collection Box
    • What did you call me?
      • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: Are you not TzHaar-Mej?
        • Why do you call me 'TzHaar-Mej'?
          • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: That what you are...you user of mystic powers, no? And you are JalYt no longer. You are TzHaar now.
          • Player: Well, yes, I suppose I am...
          • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: Then you TzHaar-Mej!
            • What are you then?
              • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: I am TzHaar-Hur, one of the crafters for this city. We craft tools and sculptures, and carve homes for the TzHaar. There are also the wise TzHaar-Mej who guide us, the mighty TzHaar-Ket who guard us, and the swift TzHaar-Xil who hunt for our food.
              • (dialogue terminates)
            • Thanks for explaining it.
              • (dialogue terminates)
        • Yes, I certainly am.
          • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: Then it is an honour to speak with you, TzHaar-Mej-Player. You great and powerful TzHaar, and defender of our city.
          • (dialogue terminates)
        • You must have me confused with another TzHaar.
          • Tzhaar-Mej-Jal: I heard you are modest, TzHaar-Mej-Player. No need. Revel in our praise. You deserve all honour.