Dialogue for Twitching orb

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Conversation 1
  • Twitching orb: I want to tell you my secret now...
  • Player: Okay.
  • Twitching orb: I see people.
  • Player: That's not unusual. They're all over the place.
  • Twitching orb: No, I see them...sitting on a couch...by a stream...
  • Player: Still not particularly unusual.
  • Twitching orb: They don't know I can see them.
  • Player: Now you're just being creepy.
  • Twitching orb: Whatever. You've watched {#} stream(s), by the way...
Conversation 2
  • Twitching orb: You've watched a total of {#} stream(s).
  • Twitching orb: If you watch more, then you can boast more!
Conversation 3
  • Twitching orb: So, are you ever going to do anything interesting?
  • Player: Hey!
  • Twitching orb: I'm serious, I'm getting bored here.
  • Player: Then entertain yourself.
  • Twitching orb: Fine, I'll go watch the stream people.
  • Twitching orb: They won't be as good as that {#} official stream(s) you've watched.
  • Player: But it will mean you leave me in peace.
  • Twitching orb: Hmph.
Conversation 4
  • Twitching orb: You've watched {#} stream(s).
  • Twitching orb: Think of all the training you could have done in that time.