Transcript of Tumeken and the Wind

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The following is an ancient Menaphite tale about Tumeken. As with most other stories about him, its accuracy is doubtful. Its origins can be traced back to the Second Age.

In ancient times, before you or me, the great Tumeken got into an argument with the bitter wind itself. The two argued for a long time, and eventually decided to see who was stronger.

The wind saw a lone, cloaked traveller on a long journey, and decided to prove its power and strength by taking the traveller's cloak for itself. It started to blow against the traveller, summoning clouds from faraway lands to pelt him with rain, but the traveller only gripped his cloak tighter with each attempt to tear it off.

Tumeken saw the pathetic attempts of his opponent and laughed. Then he parted the clouds and brought out the sun to dry the traveller of rain and warm him up. The traveller felt comfortable and welcomed, and voluntarily took his cloak off, no longer needing it.

Thus Tumeken proved that one can accomplish much more with kindness than with anger.