Transcript of Tuai Leit's Own

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Starting the Miniquest[edit | edit source]

  • Navigator Jemi: Well, we made it to Tuai Leit...barely. Let's stay focused on finding a cure for Ekahi.
    • Accept
      • Navigator Jemi: You should start by meeting with my old tutor, Sensei Hakase, at the centre of learning.
    • Decline
      • (Transcript missing. edit)

Talking to Jemi again[edit | edit source]

  • Navigator Jemi: I'm sorry, captain, but the best use I can be is suggesting you work with Sensei Hakase to figure out a cure. Whenever you have a cure to test out, bring it back and talk to Ekahi. And if you find a solution that will work, please tell me about it.

Medicinal cure[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Sensei Hakase? My navigator, Jemi, seems to think you might be able to help me.
  • Sensei Hakase: Oh, Jemi, hey? How is she faring? Has she bonded with a sea creature yet?
  • Player: Um, sort of, briefly, with the Thalassus.
  • Sensei Hakase: The Thalassus? My, that is impressive. I always knew that girl had potential.
  • Player: Yeah, it didn't really work out too well, and was over quite quickly.
  • Sensei Hakase: Ah, a pity. These things happen. Relationships can be tricky. Has she met another sea creature yet?
  • Player: She felt a bit ashamed and betrayed, but I think she's getting over it.
  • Sensei Hakase: Well, you know what they say - there's plenty of fish in the sea. She'll be back on the seahorse in no time. Anyway, you said you needed my help?
  • Player: Yes, it's my cyclops crewman - he's slowly turning into a zombie-like thing.
  • Sensei Hakase: Oh my, that is a pickle. Let me think... Hmm, this may take a little trial and error, but... Ah! Yes, I've heard that many zombie pirates are partial to 'rum' and reports suggest they remain quite cognitive. Yes, and rumberries are known to have curative properties. I suggest you talk to Cheri at the gnome colony at the south-west of the island. She mixes a mean rumberry punch.

Talking to Sensei Hakase again[edit | edit source]

  • Sensei Hakase: Bring me a rumberry based elixir from the gnome colony at south-west Tuai Leit. Cheri will set you right.

Talking to Ekahi[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I'm working with Sensei Hakase on a possible medicinal cure.

Talking to Cheri[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Cheri?
  • Cheri: At your service. Bring me 30 rumberries.
  • Player: Wait, how do you know what I want?
  • Cheri: You've come to Cheri, that means you want my special rumberry punch. Or am I wrong? They all come to Cheri for punch, trust me.
  • Player: I need it as a medicinal elixir for a friend of mine.
  • Cheri: As long as you're not giving it to a minor, you don't need to explain it...but I still need 30 rumberries. There's loads of rumberry bushes tucked behind Terri's place.
  • Player: On it.

Handing in the berries[edit | edit source]

  • Give the bartender 30 rumberries?
    • Cancel
      • (Transcript missing. edit)
    • Ok
      • If the player does not have enough rumberries.
        • Player: I only have X rumberries on me.
        • Cheri: Is this a child-sized serving I'm making? No? Them I'm gonna need enough berries to make a proper punch!
      • If the player has enough rumberries.
        • The bartender grinds your berries and mixes you a rumberry elixir with remarkable gnomish speed.

Talking to Cheri again[edit | edit source]

  • Cheri: Hope you enjoyed the rumberry elixir. It's my speciality!
  • If you have lost the elixir
    • Player: So, you know that elixir I bought from you?
    • Cheri: You've lost it, haven't you?
    • Player: Yes.
    • The bartender rolls her eyes and gives you another rumberry elixir.

Talking to Sensei Hakase[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I have the rumberry elixir. It smells like fruity formaldehyde.
  • Sensei Hakase: Kill or cure, and if he's already dead, then it's win-win. Go feed the rum to your cyclops friend.

Talking to Ekahi[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Sensei Hakase has suggested we try using the curative properties of rumberries.
  • Lookout Ekahi: I don't think drinking cocktails is going to help us, captain.
  • Player: It can't hurt to try...
  • If the elixir is in your bank
    • Player:Though I have forgotten to bring the elixir with me. I'll go get another.
  • Ekahi chugs down the rumberry concoction. He starts to sway gently from side to side.
  • Player: How do you feel, Ekahi?
  • Lookout Ekahi: Pheashantly plucked. *hic*
  • Player: Do you feel any less, well, undead?
  • Lookout Ekahi: Nope. Perhaps slightly pickled? *hic*
  • Navigator Jemi: Maybe it takes a while to kick in?
  • Lookout Ekahi: I dunno, it seemed pretty instant to me. Maybe because I haven't eaten hun- *hic* hun- *hic* hungry...
  • Navigator Jemi: Oh no, quick, go see Sensei Hakase again - that just made things worse!

Spiritual Remedy[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I filled Ekahi with fruity grog. It was mildly amusing, but he's still rotting from the inside. If anything, the rum probably made things worse. I think he's started singing now.
  • Sensei Hakase: Oh dear, then perhaps a medicinal cure-all isn't the way to go. Hmm, perhaps the ailment is more spiritual in nature. Our resident expert on such matters is Tuai Leit.
  • Player: Er, your island is your expert on spiritual matters?
  • Sensei Hakase: Yes. You seem bemused. Have you not come across moai before?
  • Player: Oh, yes, I have. Of course. Where can I find your moai, Tuai Leit?
  • Sensei Hakase: She resides within the bamboo forest at the west of the island.

Talking to Tuai Leit[edit | edit source]

  • Tuai Leit moai: Oh! Hello, little bug. I don't often get visitors. What brings you here?
    • Who are you?
    • Are you related to the moai on Waiko?
    • I seek a cure for a spiritual affliction.
      • Tuai Leit moai: Don't talk to me about spiritualism - that's all that harlot Aminishi talks about. All that new-age nonsense is what turned Waiko's head away from me.
      • Player: It's important. My friend is turning into a zombie. It's not a physical affliction, so we think it might be a spiritual one.
      • Tuai Leit moai: Oh, fine, little bug. I suppose you did make the effort to come and talk to me. I can't give you specifics, but generally speaking all spiritual conditions arise from an imbalance in one's chi, or spiritual energy or life force or whatever you bugs call it these days. As for this particular situation, I would suggest consulting with someone familiar with spiritual transformations. I've heard that bint Aminishi harp on about all her bugs turning into worms. Perhaps you should talk to one of those bugs.
      • Player: You're referring to the acolytes of Seiryu there, I think. Aren't you? I guess I can try talking to Yulong again in Aminishi's Spirit Realm.
      • Tuai Leit moai: Oh, she has her own Spirit Realm now too, does she? Is Waiko not enough for her, the greedy beach? Well, la-de-da.
    • Farewell.
      • (Dialogue ends.)

Talking to Sensei Hakase[edit | edit source]

  • Player: The moai of Tuai Leit said I should speak to an acolyte of Seiryu.
  • Sensei Hakase Ah, that's awkward - don't they all take a vow of silence?
  • Player Most aren't very talkative, but I remember having a chat with Yulong in Aminishi's Spirit Realm.

Talking to Ekahi[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hold on, Ekahi. I'm trying to source a spiritual remedy.

Talking to Yulong[edit | edit source]

  • Yulong: Hello again, World Guardian. You are both gone but here.
  • Player: Er, yes, I need your advice on a spiritual matter. My cyclops crewman is slowly becoming zombified. It's been suggested he has an imbalance in his chi.
  • Yulong: Indeed, many transformations can occur by altering one's energy - some for better, some for worse. What demeanour has your friend?
  • Player: In what way do you mean?
  • Yulong: You say he is a cyclops, in which case would you say he is salty or sweet?
  • Player: Salty. Definitely salty. I mean, he complains about the tiniest issues as if they were life-ending, and whenever we fix them he just complains about the next thing. Never a thank you. Still, I suppose his condition actually is life-ending, so we're cutting him some slack.
  • Yulong: Indeed. It appears then that he is lacking in positive energies. Perhaps he lost them in some event?
  • Player: His old captain, er, ate them...I think.
  • Yulong: Very well, this can be remedied. We can supplement his positive energy with some from his home. Bring me 30 positive energy from Cyclosis, and I shall channel the energy into a form of aid to your companion.

Handing in the energy[edit | edit source]

  • Give the acolyte 30 positive energy?
    • Cancel
      • (Transcript missing. edit)
    • Ok
      • If you do not have enough energy.
        • Player I only have X positive energy on me.
        • Yulong If you do not have enough, then you do not have enough. Telling me such does not change this fact.
      • If you have enough energy.
        • Yulong performs an incantation over the positive energy.
        • Yulong: You shall be the vessel, World Guardian. Once I am done, find your friend and pass this on to him.
        • Yulong channels the positive energy into you.
        • Player: What's that tingling?
        • The screen flashes white as screams are heard in the background.
        • Player: What was that?
        • Yulong: That was an ill omen. Stay positive and it shall not overcome you.

Talking to Sensei Hakase[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I've been taught a spiritual technique that I should try out on Ekahi.
  • Sensei Hakase Good Luck.

Talking to Ekahi[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hey, buddy! I am super positive this is going to work.
  • Lookout Ekahi: Do it.
  • You pass the positive energy on to Ekahi.
  • Player: There, there. How's that feel?
  • Lookout Ekahi:! I feel like my old self again and...and...
  • Player: Yes? What? Tell me, chum!
  • Player: Whoa, there goes my positive buzz. Calm down, Ekahi! What's gotten into you?
  • Lookout Ekahi: I...I do not know, captain. I am sorry. Whatever that was sated my hunger briefly, but it only came back stronger.
  • Navigator Jemi: I swear, it looked like he turned even more zombie in that instant. Let's not try that again, captain.
  • Player: Okay, then it's back to Sensei Hakase.

Mystical Solution[edit | edit source]

  • Player: So I tried a spiritual technique on Ekahi, but that didn't fix him.
  • Sensei Hakase: Hmm, so it's not physical and it's not spiritual. Is it perhaps psychological?
  • Player: I'm pretty certain it's not all in his head. His skin has that pallid zombie hue and he's constantly hungry.
  • Sensei Hakase: You'd be surprised. Many issues only found in one's head can manifest physical symptoms. Unfortunately, we don't have an expert in such matters. The closest we have is Sensei Seaworth - he's, shall we say, at least experienced with maladies of the mind.
  • Player: Let's be plain here, he's a nutter, right?
  • Sensei Hakase: Mad genius might be a more polite way of phrasing it. And not so loud, he's just over there.

Talking to Sensei Hakase[edit | edit source]

  • Sensei Hakase: Have you met with Sensei Seaworth yet? He's just in the corner there.

Talking to Ekahi[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I'm working on a mental treatment.

Talking to Sensei Seaworth[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I'm told you're something of an expert on mental afflictions.
  • Sensei Seaworth: Yes, I suppose I could drill a hole in your skull. Hold still!
  • Player: Wait! Not for me!
  • Sensei Seaworth: Your face, honestly. I'm not a crazy person, despite what some around here might have you think!
  • Player: Oh good. Well, a friend of mine is turning into a zombie. Is it possibly a psychological condition?
  • Sensei Seaworth: Hahaha! What a ridiculous notion. No, of course it isn't. Someone can't turn into a zombie just because they think it. And they think I'M the crazy one. No, it will be either physical or spiritual.
  • Player: Ah, we've already ruled both of those out.
  • Sensei Seaworth: Ah, in that case there's only one other option I know of - it must be mystical in origin.
  • Player: How so?
  • Sensei Seaworth: Well, mysticism is my current area of study, but I'm still only getting to grips with the basics. You'll need to consult an expert. And, well, there's no one more knowledgeable about eastern mysticism than Sojobo.
  • Player: Sojobo? The Tengu on Waiko? Okay, thank you, I'll go pay him a visit.

Talking to Sensei Hakase[edit | edit source]

  • Sensei Hakase: Was Sensei Seaworth able to help you?
  • Player: Well, he debunked Ekahi's affliction being psychological quite readily, but he did suggest it could be a mystical malady.
  • Sensei Hakase: Mysticism? This is a scientific establishment! I'll have to talk to him about his funding...
  • Player: I'm going to see a gu about a curse.
  • Sensei Hakase: Well, that's not very scientific, but I suppose we've exhausted our other options.

Talking to Ekahi[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I'm chasing up a mystical solution.

Talking to Sojobo[edit | edit source]

  • Sojobo (contracts): Looking for work? I have contracts for you to complete in this region, and I'll reward you for them.
  • Player: Hey, Sojobo. I understand that you're something of an authority on eastern mysticism - you know, demons and spirits.
  • Sojobo (contracts): Haha! Yes, I vanquish the former and drink far too much of the latter!
  • Player: Wait, is that another tired joke about confusing alcohol with ghosts. Sojobo, this is serious.
  • Sojobo (contracts): Oh. Sorry. Then, yes, I know a thing of [sic] two about the supernatural.
  • Player: One of my crew was attacked by a zombie-like creature, and is slowly turning into one himself. This creature also caused a lot of dead cyclopes to 'come back' and attack their living relatives. It all seems to link back to the very real Harbinger ship that's patrolling the Arc.
  • Sojobo (contracts): Hmm, well, there are many causes for zombiism in these parts. How was your crewman attacked?
  • Player: It looked like it just sucked the life force right out of him. He's been growing 'hungry' ever since.
  • Sojobo (contracts): That doesn't sound like necromancy, at least not directly. Necromancy deals with the opposite - putting souls back into bodies. This sounds like the creature was eating your crewman's soul. Which is most troubling, as there is only one creature I know of that fits this description: a jiangshi.
  • Player: What's that? I've never heard of those before. Is that what Ekahi is turning into?
  • Sojobo (contracts): Hmm, think of it akin to one of your vampyres, but which feeds on souls instead of blood, and cross that with a zombie. But no, your crewman is just a victim. Let me explain. Jiangshi are, thankfully, incredibly rare, but immensely dangerous. They feast on the soul energy of living matter - people, animals, plants, islands. Yet, if whatever they feed on is not destroyed, it instead becomes infected by the jiangshi curse. The lucky ones still have soul enough to set their affairs in order, but eventually they degrade into mindless monsters with the same unending hunger for life as the jiangshi, each of them capable of spreading the affliction to others. If not contained quickly, the curse can ravage entire populations, if not worse. If this is what has happened to your crewman, you must find and destroy the source.
  • Player: Is there a cure?
  • Sojobo (contracts): I am afraid the only cure is death. If you can destroy the jiangshi itself, then all that its curse has touched shall become free of it. Though, by free, I mean normally dead.
  • Player: So there's no hope...
  • Sojobo (contracts): If you can find the necromancer that gave it life in the first place, and have them willingly remove the curse, then its victims will be returned to whatever state they were in before it happened. That could save your friend. But do not waste time on such a foolish errand. Do your friend a favour and end their suffering before they fully succumb to the curse. If he starts to spread the curse to anyone here, I will have to step in and do what you cannot.
  • Player: Okay. Thank you, Sojobo.

Talking to Sensei Hakase[edit | edit source]

  • Player: So, yeah, I met with the Tengu and he quickly identified this as a Jiangshi curse. He also told me the only cure...'
  • Sensei Hakase: Yes?
  • Player: death.
  • Sensei Hakase: Right, so to save your friend's life, you have to kill him. This is precisely the sort of nonsense remedy I would expect from mysticism. Science may be a cold mistress, but she at least doesn't fill your head with false hope.

Talking to Ekahi[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I've tried, Ekahi, but there doesn't appear to be a cure here other than what Sojobo told us.
  • Lookout Ekahi: Then you should end it for me now, before I become a danger to anyone else.
  • Player: No, don't give up hope. That's a last resort, and we're not there yet.
  • Lookout Ekahi: I will hold on as long as I can.

Talking to Jemi[edit | edit source]

  • Navigator Jemi: You've done everything you can think to do, captain, but nothing's worked. It seems like Sojobo's plan is our only chance.
  • Player: Killing him can't be the answer. We must track down this jiangshi and the necromancer who created it. I'm not giving up on him.
Miniquest complete.