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This transcript involves dialogue with Trinks and the player.

First conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Trinks: Greetings, friend! The spirits have answered our prayers. You have come to help us, yes?
  • Select an option
    • Yes, I have come to lend you my aid!
      • Trinks: Then the spirits still hear us! You are certainly a strange looking saviour, but we are grateful for your arrival.
      • (Continues below)
    • Erm, help you with what?
      • Trinks: Oh, so you have did not hear the call of the spirits? Still, it matters not. They work in mysterious ways.
      • (Continues below)
    • No, I'm just looking around.
      • Trinks: Oh, sorry, I must have been mistaken. Please come back if you change your mind!
  • Trinks: Here in Kanatah we're doing everything within our power to survive. The Airut attack the village almost daily, but we're gradually learning their patterns. If you're willing to help us rebuild and fight back you would gain favour with the Elders. They would likely see fit to reward you!
  • (Continues below)

Subsequent conversations[edit | edit source]

  • Trinks: Hello, Player!
  • Select an option
    • Talk about tasks.
      • Trinks: Ahh tasks. Yes, yes, we can talk about tasks!
      • Would you like trinks to assign you a task?
        • Yes
          • (If the player is not currently on a task:)
            • Trinks: We need to light the signal beacon on the edge of Nemi forest to the west so we can send for help from Village Otot. Could you do it for us?
            • Trinks: Some of our elders have fallen sick. We need the fruit from a Pahtli plant if we are you have any hope of saving them. Please find one in Nemi forest!
            • Trinks: Since we lost village Cotoch lots of driftwood has washed up on the shore to the east. If you could collect 10 for us we could use it to rebuild!
            • Trinks: The fences around Kanatah have been torn apart in an Airut ambush, it would really help us if you could repair 10 of them.
            • Trinks: The Airut attacked our camp during the night, we need to rebuild. Could you help by salvaging 5 scraps from the tents they ruined?
            • Trinks: The Airut are encroaching on our land to the west. Please could you help us fight them off by killing 10 of them?
              • Trinks: You may use this poison on the Airut. It will weaken them substantially.
            • Trinks: The Airut have taken our friends, they want to enslave them! Please, go to their camp in the west. Free our friends and take vengeance on their captors!
              • Trinks: You may use this poison on the Airut. It will weaken them substantially.
            • Trinks: The path to our village has been blocked by fallen rocks, it would take too long for us to move them. Could you please clear 10 for us?
            • Trinks: I need to scribble a mark on your hand to take it to Acca Otot. It's urgent, he'll know what it means.
          • (If the player is currently on a task:)
            • Trinks: You're already on a task I set you, I hope it's not giving you too much trouble.
            • (Continues with one of the following:)
              • Trinks: We still need to send for aid. Light the signal beacon on the edge of Nemi forest to the west!
              • Trinks: The condition of the elders is critical. Please, go to Nemi forest and find the Pahtli fruit before it's too late!
              • Trinks: It would really help if you could gather <number> more drift wood. The beach to the east is covered in it!
              • Trinks: Please could you repair <number> more fences?
              • Trinks: You still need to salvage <number> more tent scraps.
              • Trinks: You still need to kill <number> Airut.
              • Trinks: You still need to kill <number> Airut and rescue <number> goebies from the camp to the west!
              • Trinks: There are still a lot of fallen rocks. It would be great if you could clear <number> more!
              • Trinks: Please take the message I sent you to Acca Otot, it is of grave importance!
        • No
          • Trinks: Oh, ok. Please come and see me again if you change your mind!
    • What's going on around here?
      • Trinks: The Airut attack the village regularly, so we spend much of our time rebuilding or finding places to hide for when they come. Over to the east you may find wood, tents and maybe even my friends unfortunate to have been killed washing up on shore.
      • Player: What happened?
      • Trinks: We had a village further up the coast. We thought we were safe and hidden, but in the night they found us.
      • Player: Who found you?
      • Trinks: The Airut! They came in the night, we were not prepared for it. I can still feel the heat of the flames and the screams of my friends. The attack was led by the one they call Durzag, everywhere he goes there is a trail of death and destruction.
      • Player: Are you okay?
      • Trinks: Player I don't ever want you to feel the fear we Goebie's feel when we hear Durzag's name or roar.
      • Player: It's okay. If I find this Durzag, I'll try and put a stop to him.
      • Trinks: Oh thank you, I'm sure we Goebies couldn't thank you enough for helping to deal with him... There is maybe one more thing you could do for me though.
      • Player: What's that? I'm always happy to help.
      • Trinks: When fleeing from the attack on Cotoch I lost a trinket that means a lot to me, if you ever happen to find it please return it to me.
      • Player: Sure!
    • Who are you?
      • Trinks: My name is Trinks! I'm the taskmaster, you can talk to me daily for various tasks around the villages.
      • (Shows initial options)
    • Goodbye.
      • (Dialogue ends)

(If the player already has nemi poison still in inventory during a new airut task:)

  • Trinks: I suggest you use the Nemi poison I gave you before. It should soften the Airut up.

(Upon completing the task:)

  • Trinks: Ah, you've returned friend. And with good news I see! Thank you for doing that for us.

Handing over the trinket[edit | edit source]

  • Trinks: You found my trinket! Wonderful news, I was searching everywhere for it after our last camp was destroyed.
  • Trinks: Here, [Player]. I want you to have this as a thank you.
  • Trinks hands you a strange glowing orb.
  • Player: Umm... Thanks.
  • Trinks: Try as I might, I've never been able to work out what it does. Perhaps you'll have more luck.