Transcript of Tree Gnome Village journal entry

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  • I spoke to King Bolren who told me that one of their orbs of protection has been stolen by Khazard troops.
  • I spoke to Montai. The orb was in the Khazard stronghold North of the battlefield, but it was secure in there.
  • I brought Montai logs to help fortify their defences.
  • Now their defences were secure, they were ready to use the Gnome Ballista to break through the enemy defences.
  • I found the three trackers and used their coordinates to fire the ballista straight into the Khazard stronghold.
  • With the stronghold breached by ballista fire, I was able to make my way inside and recover the orb of protection.
  • I returned the orb to King Bolren, but while I was busy getting it the Khazard troops invaded the village and stole the remaining two orbs before heading north.
  • After a fierce battle I defeated the warlord who'd stolen the orbs, and reclaimed them for the gnome people.
  • I returned them to King Bolren, and was rewarded for all of my help to the Gnome people in recovering the orbs.
  • I can now use the gnome's spirit tree to teleport around the world to places that are linked to the spirit tree!