Dialogue for Trader (Deep Sea Fishing)

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  • Trader: Hey there.
  • Select an option
    • What fish can be caught over here?
      • Player: What fish can be caught over here?
      • Trader: You must be talking about the istiophorus albicans. The mighty sailfish.
      • Trader: Royalty of the ocean, they are. Worshipped by sirens, fabled by anglers and good omens for boatmen.
      • Trader: You can try to catch them, if you can. But you'll be ridding the world of something majestic.
      • Trader: Like hunting unicorns, or making a fairy kebab.
      • (Returns to the previous options.)
    • How was this fishing hub formed?
      • Player: How was this fishing hub formed?
      • Trader: This place was first built by Groggy when he found that many creatures of the sea come here. But he didn't want it to be solely his, so he encouraged others to join him.
      • Trader: Fishing prospecters[sic] moored up, and then they expanded it in every which way. Nobody's cared much for planning.
      • Trader: What you're left is this sprawling platform, and no doubt it will grow bigger.
      • Trader: My concern is that we'll overfish the place. No one is really thinking of the future of the fauna.
      • (Returns to the previous options.)