Transcript of Toxins

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Chef and the player.

Before Voyage

  • The Chef: You asked to see me?
  • Player: The crew reported odd symptoms. Some are seriously ill - particularly the crew from your last voyage.
  • The Chef: Ah, yes...that. The herbs can be ever-so-slightly toxic if not prepared correctly. The crew are snacking on them raw.
  • Player: Ever-so-slightly toxic? Some of the men are near death!
  • The Chef: Oh, fuff! They're only near-death, not actually dead. They'll get better.
  • Player: You'd better hope so. I want you to return the plants and put up warning signs. If we're lucky, no one else has been exposed to them.

After Voyage

  • The Chef: The plant... it's all gone.
  • Player: I know it is - I told you to get rid of it!
  • The Chef: No, no, no. Not the stuff in the barrels. The plants on the island.
  • Player: Is it possible that someone else found them?
  • The Chef: It's possible, though there's no sign that they were harvested. It's like they vanished.
  • Player: My crew will look out for sightings of the plant. If it gets into food, we could have a lot of sick people on our hands.
  • The Chef: A prudent decision.