Transcript of Tower of Life journal entry

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  • I can start this quest by talking to Effigy at the tower south-east of Ardougne.
  • Effigy told me the tower has ceased construction because of the builders' strike. Hopefully, talking to Bonafido, the head builder, will sort things out.
  • Bonafido says I can go into the tower if I dress up like a builder. I should be able to find some clothing around the tower.
  • I got my kit together and passed an initiation ritual. Time to venture into the tower!
  • This place is amazing! Time to fix things and tell Effigy.
  • I told Effigy about fixing the tower and he ran inside. I should go look for him.
  • I saw the creation of life! The alchemists ran outside - best I go talk to them.
  • They created a life form! But sadly, it seems to have gone wrong. I should go investigate the top floor of the tower.
  • They created a Homunculus, which seems to be a mixture of logic and magic Perhaps I can help by talking to it.
  • I've rescued the Homunculus's mind. I should confront Effigy outside the tower.
  • The alchemists have fled, the Homunculus wants me to meet in the dungeon under the tower.