Transcript of To The Ship!

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Chef and the player.

Before Voyage

  • The Chef: I heard the party's been spotted! Quick! To the ship!
  • Player: Agreed. I've already informed the crew. Try to find them if you can, but don't endanger the crew.
  • The Chef: Understood! To the ship!

After Voyage

  • Player: Did you locate them, Carlos?
  • The Chef: We did.
  • Player: Excellent!
  • The Chef: It wasn't all excellent.
  • Player: Why?
  • The Chef: They're all dead, save one. It was a gruesome sight. Either they killed each other, or something ambushed them and did some serious damage.
  • Player: What did the survivor say?
  • The Chef: Not much. Still in shock. She said some madness about the jungle coming at them, which apparently drove them into a frenzy. She wasn't making much sense.
  • Player: I'll get further information from the crew. It seems like the plant is no longer a threat, at least.
  • The Chef: Perhaps. The barrels of plants are still missing. Something fishy is going on.