Transcript of Time Served

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This transcript involves dialogue with Archaeological researcher, Dr Nabanik, and the player.

Kharid-et[edit | edit source]

Attempting to open the door[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hmm, it's locked.

Talking to the archaeological researcher[edit | edit source]

  • Archaeological researcher: Growing up, I always dreamed of something like this.
  • Archaeological researcher: I never thought I would get the chance to be out in the field learning lots about our history.
  • Archaeological researcher: Take this ancient mechanism, for example. What do you make of it?
  • Player: If I had to guess, I'd say something that normally sits in here is missing.
  • Archaeological researcher: If I had to guess, I would say whatever that might be, there's one of them to be found in here somewhere...
  • Archaeological researcher: Anything you find here, you should just try it with the ancient mechanism, see if it fits!

Using an incorrect item with the cell controller[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Nope, that doesn't look like it'll fit.

Interacting with the cell controller[edit | edit source]

  • (Only on first time:)
    • Archaeological researcher: Interesting right? My research has led me to believe that this has some control over that locked door over there, but it doesn't appear to work right now.
    • (Continues below)
  • Archaeological researcher: If we could find something that fits that slot, we might be able to get those doors again.
  • (With an ancient timepiece:)
    • Insert the ancient timepiece?
      • Yes, insert it.
        • You insert the ancient timepiece.
        • Congratulations! You have completed: 'Time Served' - Solve this mystery.
        • You gain 2,800 Archaeology experience for completing a mystery!
        • Camera pans to door.
        • Archaeological researcher: Eureka! You've done it!
        • Camera returns to normal.
      • Not right now.
        • (Dialogue ends)

Talking to the archaeological researcher again[edit | edit source]

  • Archaeological researcher: Nicely done with that ancient timepiece!
  • Player: Yeah, it unlocked the door to the east, into what I think is the prison's higher security area.
  • Archaeological researcher: Ooh, I bet that's where they kept all the really dangerous and serious prisoners.

Interacting with the cell controller again[edit | edit source]

  • Archaeological researcher: Don't go messing with that, as we don't want that door shutting on us.

Dr Nabanik[edit | edit source]

Talking to Dr Nabanik about the Time Served Mystery

  • Before solving the mystery:
    • Player: There's a device in the prison area that one of the team thinks unlocks a door deeper into the prison. There's a mechanism on it that looks like it is missing a component.
    • Dr Nabanik: The missing object would most likely be found within the prison area, I would assume carried by the prison's guards. I'm sure you'll work this out.
  • 'After solving the mystery:
    • Player: I restored an ancient timepiece and used it with the device in the prison, which unlocked the door heading deeper into the prison.
    • Dr Nabanik: Most intriguing. I wonder what discoveries lay beyond...