Dialogue for Thuddley

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  • Thuddley: Hi, human
    • Player: Hi, ogre.
      • How are you today?
        • Player: How are you today, little ogre?
        • Thuddley: Me like pie!
        • Player: Doesn't everyone?
        • Thuddley: Pie! Pie! Pie! Pie! Pie!
        • Player: Yes, dear, pie.
      • Can you tell me about this copper-coloured pool?
        • Player: Can you tell me about this copper-coloured pool?
        • Thuddley: Yeah, it red!
        • Player: Yes, I can see that.
        • Thuddley: Then why you ask, silly human?
        • Player: Well, it's hard to explain. I just sense a strange energy coming from this pool. Do you know anything about it?
        • Thuddley: Oh, well, it called de 'Bandos pool' round here. It s'pposed to be special-special. It hard to explain to human creature like you.Maybe you need talk to auntie Seegud. She explain good about these things