Transcript of Throne of Miscellania journal entry

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  • I offered to become the new ruler of Miscellania.
  • I talked to Oueen Sigrid.
  • She wants King Vargas to recognise Etceteria as a sovereign nation. I talked to King Vargas.
  • King Vargas will recognise Etceteria it it changes its national anthem. I talked to Oueen Sigrid.
  • Prince Brand composed an anthem, but it's not very good.
  • Advisor Ghrim made a better version.
  • Oueen Sigrid gave me the treaty for the King to sign.
  • I gave the King the treaty.
  • I gave the King the giant pen, and he signed the treaty.
  • The Princess agreed to marry me.
  • I got the support of the population.