Dialogue for Thordur

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  • Thordur: Well go on then. You don't want to wait around here, do you? It's just a mostly featureless room.
  • Can you explain this place again?
    • Thordur: It's Behind the Scenes!
    • Player: -PLACEHOLDER- hilarious placeholder dialogue here. Wait, what? Why did I say that?
    • Thordur: It's the editing. There's no one checking the dialogue, so you just spew any old rubbish.
    • Player: -PLACEHOLDER- the player still doesn't understand. Yuck! That feels horrible!
    • Thordur: Don't worry, you've probably gotten it out of your system now. You may still find yourself saying some pretty weird things though!
    • Player: So, what is this place?
    • Thordur: I'll break it down for you. You're from RuneScape, right?
    • Player: I'm from Gielinor.
    • Thordur: Sure, big rebranding exercise, world building, but same thing. Sometimes in RuneScape things change. People change how they look. New stuff appears. Old stuff disappears.
    • Player: I never noticed this happening.
    • Thordur: You're part of the system, see, you don't see it happening. Take Rat Pits, you remember Rat Pits?
    • Player: No. What's Rat Pits?
    • Thordur: It was a minigame, and it was broken, and no one played it, so it got removed. Now for you it's like it never existed.
    • Player: But what does that have to do with this place?
    • Thordur: Well when something gets removed from the world, or before it gets added, this is where it goes. We call it Behind the Scenes. Look, just think of it as like the afterlife. Afterlife-slash- theme-bar.
    • Player: So it's full of dead people?
    • Thordur: Close enough. You go on in. You'll either figure it out or go mad from the trying.
  • Off I go, then.
    • Player teleports to Behind the Scenes
  • I'd rather stay here for a bit.
    • (Dialogue Ends)