Transcript of Thok Your Block Off (saga)

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This transcript involves dialogue with Skaldrun, Thok, Marmaros, Bone Face, and Pretty Lass.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

  • Skaldrun: In rare times, in special places, a sibling rivalry can change the world. And just as often, even in a palce like Daemonheim, it can take a turn for the ridiculous. Especially when Thok and Marmaros are involved...
  • Cutscene plays with soldiers chatting amongst each other, Thok and Marmaros enter

Entry room[edit | edit source]

  • Marmaros: Aha! Good thing I was here, Thok. You looked like you were struggling with those guys.
  • Thok: No, brother! Thok take on hundreds of puny warriors, easy. Marm just jealous Thok the best fighter.
  • Marmaros: An unlikely tale! You need me around to fight all the tougher ones. If I was fighting the small guys, I'd have conquered many more enemies than you.
  • Thok: Not Thok's fault Marm only fight one enemy at a time. Thok beat more enemies than Marm any time, anyu place.
  • Marmaros: That sounds like a challenge to me. Tell you what; I bet I can defeat more than you on this floor and the next one.
  • Thok: Thok like the sound of this! Marm better prepare to lose.
  • Marmaros: You're on! Okay, let's do this... Ready...
  • Thok: Set...
  • An interface appears depicting which brother has defeated more enemies; Thok and Marmaros enter the next room

Bone Face[edit | edit source]

  • Bone Face: Ahh, it sure is great being a boss. I'm the best boss there is.
  • Thok: Stand back, Marm! This one just for Thok.
  • Thok advances towards Bone Face
  • Thok: Hey, Bone Face!
  • Thok swings his sword and lodges it into Bone Face's head
  • Bone Face: Argh! What did you do to me?
  • Marmaros: My gods... What have you done?
  • Thok: Thok not know! Thok's sword stuck in stupid Bone Face.
  • A ladder behind a wall is revealed, Bone Face exits the room
  • Marmaros: Aha! Well, you better hurry up and pull it out. He's getting away!
  • Thok: Hey! Come back here! He ran away to next floor. Can boss even do that?
  • Marmaros: Who cares? Without your sword, there's no way you can win.
  • Thok and Marmos climb the ladder
  • Thok: Where that stupid Bone Face go? There! Give Thok back sword.
  • Bone Face: Hah - no! Catch me if you can!
  • Bone Face leaves the room through a door
  • Thok: Marm, quick - follow me! Thok need to get sword back.
  • Marmaros runs towards a different door
  • Marmaros: Not a chance! I'm going this way. I stil have a wager to win, remember?
  • Thok: What?
  • Marmaros: Good luck, brother. May the best Marmaros win. Aha!
  • Marmaros leaves the room
  • Thok: Ahh, Thok need that sword back! It a present from Pretty Lass. She not be happy if Thok lose sword. Bone Face going to pay. Time to smash fist through butter face!

Leave the room in pursuit of Bone Face

Spider room[edit | edit source]

  • Thok: Hmm... Now, where to find Bone Face?
  • Marmaros: Hey, Thok! Found your sword yet?
  • Thok: Not yet, Marm. Bone Face keeps running away from a fight.
  • Marmaros: Argh! What happened to your skin? Are...are you... Zombie-Thok?
  • Thok: What? ... Haha! No, brother. Thok just bitten by silly spider.
  • Marmaros: You look terrible! And greasy. Really greasy.
  • Thok: Oh, that just poison. Thok sweat it out in no time. Maybe onto pesky foes!
  • Marmaros: That's cheating! No wonder I'm not winning the wager.
  • Thok: Thok not a cheat. He not even have help of sword that Pretty Lass give him.
  • Marmaros: Ooh, it's the sword your girlfriend gave you. Everything makes sense now.
  • Thok: She not Thok's girlfriend.
  • Marmaros: Sure, sure! Well, I'd best be off. This wager won't win itself. Bye, brother!

Orange door room[edit | edit source]

Thok is taken by a fey mood!

  • Thok: Thok need to create something wonderful!
  • Attempt to pick the frilly plants
  • Thok: Thok think he need some plant bits too.
  • Thok "picks" the frilly plants
  • Thok: Thok have enough plant bits. But what Thok do with plant bits now?
  • Attempt to mine the crumbly stuff
  • Thok: Thok need plenty of this crumbly stuff.
  • Thok "mines" the crumbly stuff
  • Thok: Thok got enough crumbly stuff. Hmm... Now, what to do with crumbly stuff?
  • Attempt to make stuff with the spinny stuff-maker
  • Thok: There! That enough bits, Thok think. Now, what did Marm do to make it work?

Thok jams the bit of rock and plant into the spinny stuff-maker.

  • Thok: Hmm... Let's see...

Thok carefully uses the spinny stuff-maker... Erm... Thok...operates the spinny stuff-maker, and produces...

  • Thok: Thok like it! What is it? It look like the Best Thing Ever to Thok!

Attempting to make stuff without enough materials[edit | edit source]

  • Thok: Thok not have enough stuff to make stuff. Thok should get more things to put in this wheel thing.

Eating crumbly bits[edit | edit source]

  • Thok: Party in Thok's mouth.

Eating plant bits[edit | edit source]

  • Thok: No wonder cows puny. This horrible.

Blue door room[edit | edit source]

Visiting the room without the Best Thing Ever[edit | edit source]

  • Thok: *gasp*
  • Pretty Lass: Oh! Hello, Thok Bloodrager! I haven't seen you in a while. How have you been? You're looking a little...greasy. Are you feeling okay?

What Thok thinks he is saying.

  • Thok: I've been dreadfully lonesome without you, my sweet. Many have been the hours I have awaited our fated reunion.

What Thok actually said.

  • Pretty Lass: Er, yes... hello again, Thok. Where might your brother Marmaros be? And how did you like the gift of the sword I gave you? I notice you do not have it with you. Was there something wrong with it?
  • Thok: Um, Marm busy with has sword. He need it for bet. Thok will win. Thok is best.
  • Pretty Lass: Win what? You're not making a lot of sense, Thok Bloodrager. Come closer and talk to me a while.
  • Thok: Uh... Erm... Uhh, Thok really have to go now. Bye!
  • Pretty Lass: Come back again soon. I'll miss you, Thok Bloodrager.

Visiting the room with the Best Thing Ever[edit | edit source]

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  • Pretty Lass: Thok Bloodrager! You came to visit me again.
  • Thok: Thok have gift for Pretty Lass!

Thok hands over the Best Thing Ever to the Best Lass Ever.

  • Pretty Lass: Why, thank you ever so much, Thok Bloodrager! It' ...what is it?
  • Thok: A perfect gift for a perfect angel, dear heart. Wrought by my own hands; a symbol of my undying love for you.
  • Pretty Lass: Oh, THok Bloodrager... What a nice thing to say. I should call you Thok Heartwarmer from now on.
  • Pretty Lass: Let's see now, I should have something for you here too. One moment...
  • Thok: Thok excited!
  • Pretty Lass: Here you go! Don't eat it all at once.

[Description missing]]

  • Thok: Thok love it! Thok keep it for ever and ever!
  • Pretty Lass: Oh, you're not supposed to keep it. You're supposed to eat it! It'll keep you good and healthy. It has some fish in it; not sure if you noticed.

Thok looks at the fishy cake. He notices the fish - in fact, he barely notices anything else. It smells horrible.

  • Pretty Lass: So, Thok Bloodrager, are you doing anything in particular afer this bet of yours? I have some free time on my hands, and I was wondering if you'd like to spend some time together.
  • Thok: Uhh, Thok really have to go now. Bye!
  • Pretty Lass: Come back again soon. I'll miss you, Thok Bloodrager.

Attempting to re-enter the room after giving the gift[edit | edit source]

  • Thok: Thok not go back in there. Thok too embarrassed!

Room west of the jail cells[edit | edit source]

  • Marmaros: Thok!
  • Thok: Marm!
  • Marmaros: I see you're not green anymore. How's the fighting going?
  • Thok: Thok show them who is boss. Thok is boss.
  • Marmaros: Aha! Well it's still early days yet. I'll win in the end, of course. Just taking a short break to catch some tasty fish.
  • Thok: Sea meat? Thok want some too.
  • Marmaros: Well there's a pool behind you, get some for yourself.

Fish the bubbling water

  • Thok: Thok only find crabs in here.
  • Marmaros: No delicious fish? Too bad! Oh well, I"m off to win this wager for sure. Bye, brother!

Thok tosses the crabs into the water one by one

  • Thok: Wait! That no ordinary crab!

The crab snips its pincer slowly, and glares at Thok balefully.

  • Thok: Mini-Marm! Great to see you again.

Mini-Marm recognises Thok and clicks his pincers wildly in the air. He is happy. Another crab leaps out of the water into Thok's hands. It snaps sharply at Mini-Marm.

  • Thok: Mini-Marm, you have lady-friend!

The beautiful crab clicks at Thok jovially. It seems to know all about him.

  • Thok: Mrs Mini-Marm! Pleased to meet you too.

The two crabs click to each other for a while. They seem to come to a decision.

  • Thok: Help Thok with battles? Of course you can come with Thok!

The crabs click ravenously, their pincers a blur, eager for slaughter

  • Thok: Marm not stand a chance now. Thok have Mini-Marm and Mrs Mini-Marm for crab gauntlets!

Red door room[edit | edit source]

  • Thok: Hmm... Bridge is dead end.

Mini-Marm and Mrs Mini-Marm click in agreement.

  • Thok: Wait. What that moving over there?

Something moves into sight on the other side of the borken bridge. Something furry.

  • Thok: OH NO! NOT THAT!

The crabs waggle their pincers in a flurry of click sand snaps.

  • Thok: No, Mini-marm and Mrs Mini-Marm. It not worth it. It not get us, anyway - bridge broken. Haha!

The crabs laugh along with Thok. Stupid ferret. Haha!

  • Thok: Haha!
  • A noise is heard and the camera pans back around; the ferret has multiplied and the bridge appears fixed
  • Thok: Be very still. Ferret vision based on movement.
  • A ferret advances towards the bridge
  • Thok: AAAAAGH!
  • Thok runs out of the room
  • Thok: ...

Attempting to re-enter the room[edit | edit source]

  • Thok runs away from the door

Attempting to enter boss room[edit | edit source]

  • Thok: This look like boss door, Thok bet Bone Face inside here! Thok should make sure he ready to start fight, though.

Boss room[edit | edit source]

  • Thok: Where are you, Bone Face?
  • Bone Face: Haha! Up here!
  • Thok: Come down off pillar, Bone Face. Don't make Thok kill you with pillar.
  • Bone Face: Ha! Who ever heard ofa boss being killed by a pilar, that's ridiculous! Instead, I'd like you to meet a friend of mine... My undead chum! Try to hit him, I dare you.
  • You try to attack, but the monster teleports across the room
  • Thok: Stop running, dead man!
  • Bone Face: Haha! He's a slippery chap.
  • Thok: Thok too slow to hit stupid dead man.
  • Bone Face: Sounds like you need to hit something else. Maybe you'll have more luck with... This guy!
  • Derek: I have a name, you know. It's Derek!
  • Bone Face: Shut up, Derek.
  • You try to attack Derek, but he also teleports across the room
  • Thok: Thok getting mad! Thok not able to hit this boss either.
  • Bone Face: Okay, okay, I'l make it easier for you... With another boss! Try hitting this one.
  • You succeed in attacking the gluttonous behemoth
  • Thok: This one Thok can hit! Time to fight!
  • Bone Face: You heard him, boys! FIGHT!
  • The boss fight begins

After defeating the three bosses[edit | edit source]

  • Thok: That a fun fight! Bone Face have good boss friends. Come down here, Bone Face. Thok go easy on you; Thok promise. Thok just pull sword out, nice and simple.
  • Bone Face: Not a chance! It'll hurt really bad. Really, really bad. It's stuck in my head. It's in the BONE!
  • Thok: You not come down? Thok make Bone Face come down.
  • Thok headbutts the pillar
  • Bone Face: Stop it!
  • Thok headbutts the pillar
  • Bone Face: No, no, no, no!
  • Thok headbutts the pillar, it wobbles, and Bone Face falls to the floor
  • Thok: Hold still, Bone Face.
  • Bone Face: No, no, no!
  • Thok pulls the sword free from Bone Face's head
  • Bone Face: AAAAHaaaah...wait. I'm alive? I'm alive! I can't believe it!
  • Thok: Haha! Yes Bone Face is alive! For now.
  • Bone Face: No, please, let me live! I've learned my lesson - honest. I'll be good from now on.
  • Thok: You know, Thok had fun today. Bone Face make for good chase. Thok think he let Bone Face live.
  • Bone Face: Really? You're serious? This is the greatest moment of my miserable life!
  • Thok: Thok not care. Bone Face stay out of Thok's way and there be not rouble, okay?
  • Bone Face: Given a second chance! From here on out I'll try my best to lead a good, honest unlife, with only minor abuses of power.
  • Thok: Remember Bone Face, if Thok see Bone Face again, Bone Face will be in big trouble!
  • Thok enters the next room
  • Thok: Well that done with. Time for Thok to find Marmaros and have new adventure!
  • Attempt to re-enter the boss room
  • Thok: A-ha, here the door out! Thok can carry on with adventure now.
  • Thok re-enters the boss room
  • Thok: Wait! You again!
  • Thok punches Bone Face, cutscenes ensue

After cutscenes[edit | edit source]

  • Skaldrun: ...and so the brothers, reunited in arms, ventured once again into the depths. Eventually they would reach the bottom, and have many notable adventures along the way. But that is another tale, for another time.
Miniquest complete!