Transcript of Theories Abound

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Navigator, The Trapper, and the player.

Before Voyage

  • The Trapper: I've been contemplating our little riddle, wrapped in an enigma, covered in fur.
  • Player: What have you come up with?
  • The Trapper: Three possibilities. One: the creatures can teleport.
  • Player: I doubt they've mastered the use of runes.
  • The Trapper: Two: someone is hiding or moving the creatures.
  • Player: Why would someone hide animals?
  • The Trapper: Three: we're not dealing with several different creatures. We are - in fact - dealing with just the one.
  • Player: Just the one? Didn't you say there were a variety of creatures?
  • The Trapper: They could be shape-shifters, changing shape as soon as you approach.
  • Player: That sounds far-fetched.
  • The Trapper: But it would make for fascinating prey! Regardless of the reason, it'll be quite the hunt. I'll return with news.

After Voyage

  • The Navigator delivers a note from Reginald.
  • Player: A note?
  • The Trapper: Greetings from the East! I have managed to witness one of these fantastic creatures change form! That's right - once again, the great Wellington-Smythe was proved right. There IS only one animal. Who knows what this creature looks like in its natural form? I'm staying here to see if I can catch one. I'll return once I have captured my quarry, or run out of rations. Cheerio! Reginald Wellington-Smythe.