Transcript of The Wilderness Guardians challenge the P.P.o.P.

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] once upon time in the magical realm of
[00:09] runescape there was a land of far
[00:12] greater beauty than all the other lands
[00:15] in the world this land known to all as
[00:19] the wilderness was home to many
[00:22] fantastic creatures and noblemen of kind
[00:26] heart all was well in the world until
[00:33] one papi mistress of despair came upon
[00:37] the world and using her evil mod house
[00:40] she sent the wilderness into chaos
[00:45] same one home to the white unicorns
[00:49] suddenly all the white unicorns in the
[00:52] woman's fell over and died I thank you
[00:56] said my papi to all the plants hearing
[01:00] these words all the trees shed their
[01:02] leaves the grass and flowers shriveled
[01:05] and died and all the rivers turns to
[01:08] lava
[01:10] for most evil beings
[01:11] this would be all in a day's work but
[01:14] not for my god
[01:17] harvesting the souls of hundreds of
[01:19] innocent players mod poppy created an
[01:22] army now known as the pink patrons of
[01:25] pain the end of her tyranny was nowhere
[01:29] in sight mod papi you have devastated
[01:35] the wilderness beyond any hope of repair
[01:39] for your crimes against the realm you
[01:42] shall pay the ultimate price I his
[01:46] lordship leader of the wilderness
[01:47] Guardians challenge you and your patrons
[01:50] of pain to the ultimate showdown sharpen
[01:54] your blades for battle on a stroke of
[01:57] midnight between Saturday the ninth of
[01:59] this month and sunday the tenth we will
[02:03] be waiting for you at the demonic ruins
[02:05] on world 20 here is a map since you
[02:10] probably need it
[02:14] we both know you can't lead your way out
[02:17] of a rune essence pouch let alone a plan
[02:19] war if you think you can take us tell
[02:23] your minions to prepare my papi
[02:28] I hope you like loveridge
[02:30] and while you're there don't get any
[02:32] ideas I've already warned the unicorns