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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Old School RuneScape
Rejuvenating the Wilderness
[00:10] You said you wanted us to rejuvenate the Wilderness and the Old School team have listened.
[00:15] Mod Mat K is here to give us a run down on whats going to draw you back to the PKers playground.
[00:22] The Wilderness was dark and it was dangerous,
[00:25] but the wilderness was empty.
[00:28] There was nobody in it, and there was nobody to kill in it.
[00:32] And of course the players came to us and said: "That's not good enough we need to change that."
[00:37] And the players came to us with a whole load of ideas which are now going in game.
[00:41] We've got a whole load of stuff that players are going to absolutely love.
[00:44] The whole idea behind it is to get people into the Wilderness and really revitalise PVP in Old School.
[00:50] 6 new bosses!
[00:51] Let's start with the bosses, we've got six of them.
[00:53] Three of them are going to be multiplay bosses, so you are going to need to get your friends in to kill them.
[00:57] My favourite is probably the Spider, we're going to put that in a single player area so that only one player can start the combat on it.
[01:05] And you've got to lure it into the multiway combat area so you can continue killing it.
[01:08] We've got the Bear going in as well, we've got the Skeletal Warlord, all of which your going to need to bring your friends for.
[01:14] Of course if there not really your friends they might try and kill you instead which is half the fun of it.
[01:18] We have also got the Chaos Fanatic, we've go the Crazed Archaeologist and we've got the Queen Scorpion,
[01:24] all of which will drop a 3rd of a special new shield which we're putting into game.
[01:27] New Monsters
[01:29] One of the things that players came to us and said was the monsters in the Wilderness,
[01:32] they're alright but there not particularly dangerous, they're not particularly high level,
[01:35] so we have put in some high level version of the monsters that are already in there.
[01:38] They're going to have better drop tables, so theres going to be better rewards for those who want to risk more in there.
[01:42] New Weapons
[01:44] We've got the Dragon Pickaxe going in which is going to be particularly useful in the resource area right at the north of the Wilderness,
[01:49] because the monsters in there are weak to your mining level,
[01:52] so your not just looking at your combat levels to fight them its also your mining level.
[01:56] And the Dragon Pickaxe will give a special attack to make your mining level even better.
[02:00] New Armour
[02:01] We've got a mage shield going in, we've got a range shield going in,
[02:04] both of which can be particularly useful, specially if your going down to the Dagannoth kings.
[02:07] There sort of mid level items so there's going to be a lot of demand for those.
[02:10] The Rune Fountain
[02:11] One great idea our players had was the Rune Fountain.
[02:14] It's a big obelisk that sits in the Wilderness and it allows you to cast any magic spell that your able to cast, but without using any runes.
[02:21] So for example, you've got a pile of yew longs that you want to alch, you don't have the runes to do it,
[02:26] you can just hightail it up into the Wilderness and try alching them before a PKer spots you and tries to take your gold and your loot away from you.
[02:32] PvP God Wars Dungeon
[02:34] Another great idea our players had was a PvP God Wars dungeon.
[02:37] You can go in there and you can kill the Aviansies for example.
[02:40] The difference between this dungeon and the non PvP one is that the Aviansies will start dropping noted adamant bars.
[02:46] So you can grind in there and you can get some good loot in there
[02:49] but every time you are in there a player might come along and kill you and then take all your stuff away from you.
[02:54] So its going to be a great resource for making yourself rich, but of course there's going to be the risk in there as well.
[03:05] The Wilderness is all about high risk and high reward, with all the new updates going in there's going to be loads more players.
[03:11] On the 13th March all these ideas will be in game. You guys need to be there!
[03:17] Tune in next month for more Old School news.
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