Transcript of The Whale Whisperer

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Whaler and the player.

Before Voyage

  • The Whaler: Shuma's getting close to New Heritage. We need to be there now!
  • Player: What's the plan?
  • The Whaler: Your crewmen evacuate the city, but I will take a slightly different role. I will wait, on a raft, in the path of the whale!
  • Player: That's certain death!
  • The Whaler: And you think that Hubbub doesn't have a plan? You think I'm the kind to nobly fall on my sword? NO! ...Apologies, sorry! I still seem to have my temper, even if everything else has changed! No, the plan is to let Shuma eat me. Then while I'm in Shuma's belly, I can convince her that Quin is her real enemy, and that she'd best turn around and vomit me out! Hopefully I won't have been digested by then.
  • Player: That's probably the most foolhardy plan I've ever heard.
  • The Whaler: It's amazing, isn't it! So, shall we get going?

After Voyage

  • The Whaler: Naked hermit crabs! I stink!
  • Player: Congratulations, Hubbub! You did it! New Heritage is safe and Shuma is no longer a threat.
  • The Whaler: I'll admit, I certainly got my hands - and every other part of me - dirty, but the achievement is yours. You've always put people first, even when I've been blinded by revenge. And you've made me a better man. I was misguided, but now I have a very clear path.
  • Player: What about Shuma?
  • The Whaler: She's licking her wounds, if a whale can lick, that is. Blow- holing her wounds? Whatever. Anyway, I'll be visiting her tonight, to talk about old times. Seems she enjoyed our battles as much as I did. Anyway, I look forward to talking to you again. My sea monster sense tells me that we'll be seeing each other soon.