Transcript of The Void Stares Back journal entry

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  • Captain Korasi reports that the Temple Knights have so far failed to locate the bulk of the cubes created in the Black Knights' workshop before it was shut down. I have agreed to assist by infiltrating the Black Knights' Fortress.
  • I have been provided with a modified suit of Black Knight armour, in which I should snoop around the Black Knights' Fortress to see what I can discover.
  • On entering the Black Knights' Fortress, I was stopped by Black Knight Commander Colby, who mistook me for a new recruit and ordered me to the Black Knight stronghold within Taverley Dungeon for an undisclosed mission.
  • I have joined a Black Knight mission under the command of Captain Gilroy, into a place the Commander referred to as a storage area. It looks recently built.
  • The security system has been sabotaged in some way and the doors are lethally electrified! Naturally, my 'brave' Black Knight companions assigned me the task of sorting it all out.
  • On examining the crates of weights in the room, it has become apparent that the labels have been switched around. This explains why the 'correct' pass number failed to open the door, killing that poor Black Knight.
  • With the help of Captain Gilroy, I've sorted out the labels on the crates of security blocks. All I have to do now is place them in the pivots so the weight and balance are correct - The black knight who died mentioned the pass number was 'fifteen in each'.
  • The door is unlocked. Time to find out what else our mysterious saboteur has in store for us.
  • We were ambushed by void pests when we entered the second security area! It seems they are guarding the security blocks that will open the next door.
  • I must retrieve the four security blocks to repair the security system.
  • One of the blocks has been damaged in the fight. I'll need to repair it somehow... I should ask Captain Gilroy how to go about it.
  • Before I can fix the block I'll need to fix the forge in the Black Knight Stronghold with a hammer, a piece of hard leather and a limestone brick.
  • The forge just needs fuelling with logs and lighting now.
  • I have all the blocks. Time to get that door unlocked.
  • I've unlocked the second door. Only one remains.
  • Three panels on the wall stand between me and opening the next door.
  • Something seems wrong with the wall panels in the third room. I'd better be careful.
  • I have disarmed an unpleasant magical trap on the panels. Time to sort out the security system it guarded.
  • The last door is unlocked and the storage area is just up ahead.
  • The storage area has been looted, to the consternation of my Black Knight 'allies'. They called in their leader, Lord Daquarius, who immediately rumbled my deception... It looks like I'm in trouble.
  • I'm going to have to get Lord Daquarius to see sense if I'm to avoid an unpleasant situation.
  • I explained the danger to Lord Daquarius. He was logical enough to accept the necessity of the situation.
  • Representatives of all four knightly orders stand allied in one room for the first time in an age. Someone's going to have to lead them.
  • I have agreed to lead the tenuous alliance of knights. Korasi wants a word with me about something before I lead the expedition through the strange portal.
  • All the knights are prepared to go through the portal. I just need to give the signal by entering the portal myself.
  • I have to give orders to the Void Knight forces to defeat the pests blocking our path.
  • Korasi ran through to the final chamber. I need to follow her and stop Grayzag from using the Valluta.
  • It's a trap! Grayzag has captured Korasi and Jessika. He's forcing me to decide which to save; there isn't time to save them both.
  • Something is happening in the final chamber. I need to return to it and try to stop Grayzag!
  • The Pest Queen made it through the portal before we destroyed it. Now, I have to defeat her. I will be aided by the Knight Alliance.
  • I should speak to Commodore Tyr now that the battle is over. We need to decide how to deal with Grayzag.