Transcript of The Void Stares Back

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Beginning the Quest[edit | edit source]

In Falador Park.

  • Player: Korasi!
  • Captain Korasi: Hello, [player].
  • Captain Korasi: I'm glad you turned up. The Temple Knights' efforts to find the cubes have been...less than successful.
  • Sir Tiffy: I don't like your tone, young lady. My agents have tried their best, but we're stretched thin and it's not like you can just waltz right into the Black Knights' Fortress.
  • Captain Korasi: Actually, that's precisely what I had in mind.
  • Captain Korasi: I think if we dress you in full Black Knight armour, you might be able to fool them again. Once inside, I'm sure you'll be able to figure something out. Are you up for it?
  • Player: Yes!
  • Captain Korasi: Great! Now, here's my plan. I'm going to give you some specially modified Black Knight armour. You're going to put it on and infiltrate the Black Knights' Fortress.
  • Captain Korasi: Then try to find out anything you can about the cubes.
  • Player: That's it? That's your plan?
  • Captain Korasi: Pretty much. The armour has been modified to follow your movements and listen in. That means Savant can track you and make sure you don't fall into any real danger.
  • Player: How'd you get hold of the armour?
  • Captain Korasi: Oh, I kidnapped a new recruit who'd wandered away from his brother knights. You'd never see such slackness in the Void Knights.

The Recruit Returns to his Mission[edit | edit source]

Infiltrating the Fortress[edit | edit source]

  • Commander Colby: About time you showed up. Your team has been waiting for an hour. I'll teleport you to the storage entrance to save you some time, but don't expect this kind of treatment every time!

Commander Colby teleports the player.

  • Player: Wow, that was really easy.
  • Captain Gilroy: Well, now that we're all HERE, I guess we can get on with the mission. Thank you for finally joining us!
  • Player: Sorry, sir. Won't happen again.
  • Captain Gilroy: See that it doesn't. I've got a man already in there setting things up. Let's go.

Captain Gilroy and his team enter the storage area.

Security Room 1: The Weight Distribution[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Gilroy: Ok, get that door open. I want to get this trip over with as fast as possible.
  • Black Knight: Right away, sir. I've already set the scales up; fifteen in each is the pass number for the day.

The Black Knight attempts to open the door and is electrocuted to death.

  • Captain Gilroy: Holy cow! What happened?
  • Black Knight: I don't know, but I nominate the new guy to try the door next! I don't want to die!
  • Captain Gilroy: Alright, new guy. Get to it! Unlock that door.

The player investigates the crates containing the weights used to open the door.

  • Player: The label is at a funny angle, and it's not stuck down properly.
  • Infobox: It seems someone has swapped around the labels on these crates. The stated weights are wrong.
  • Player: Er, sir? We have a problem.
  • Captain Gilroy: What's the matter now, recruit?
  • Player: Someone's switched the labels on these crates. When the knight thought he was putting in the pass number, he was actually putting in something totally different!
  • Captain Gilroy: Sabotage! It looks like we've got company, recruit. We need to get that security system fixed sharpish.
  • Player: How are we to do that? The labels are all mixed up.
  • Captain Gilroy: Thankfully, due to my upbringing on a quiet Misthalin farm before joining the Kinshra, I've got a knack for determining small differences in weight.
  • Captain Gilroy: Just hand me any two and I'll tell you which is the heavier. When you think you've worked it out, let me know, and we'll put the labels back where they belong.

The player, with Captain Gilroy's help, works out the correct positions the labels should have and manages to open the door with the correct combination of weights.

Security Room 2: The Ambush[edit | edit source]

The Black Knight team enters a room with a Torcher, a Spinner, a Brawler, and a Shifter.

  • Black Knight: What are these monsters? I don't want to die, I'm too pretty!
  • Captain Gilroy: It's an ambush! We're going to have to fight our way through.

The Black Knight team defeat the pests, which drop some security blocks. One must be repaired in the base's forge, which must also be repaired with some materials found in the base itself.

  • Captain Gilroy: What is it?
  • Player:
    • What were those things?
      • Player: What were those things? Was that part of the security?
      • Captain Gilroy: Did that look like part of our security? Clue up recruit! Someone has sabotaged the security and left those beasts to kill us. We need to unlock this room and the next and find out what is going on!
      • Player: I don't see any weight boxes in the room.
      • Captain Gilroy: We don't do the same security in each room. Those beasts stole the blocks that lit up the red line in the security system. Without them we can't power the door to open it.
      • Player: But the pes...I mean beasts dropped them when they died! So, we can complete the power line.
      • Captain Gilroy: But that big one sat on one of the blocks and broke it. This is going to slow us up.
    • What do we do now?
      • Player: What do we do now?
      • Captain Gilroy: We need to repair that broken block.
      • Player: Well, that can't be too hard.
      • Captain Gilroy: It wouldn't be, except we destroyed the forge we used to make them to prevent counterfeit blocks being made. Still, it can probably be repaired.
      • Player: Didn't it occur to you that you might need replacements?
      • Captain Gilroy: Don't question your superiors! For that insolence, I'm volunteering you to fix the forge.
      • Player: It's not volunteering if you make it an order...
      • Captain Gilroy: What was that recruit? I couldn't hear you for all the whining noise you were making.
      • Player: Nothing, sir.
      • Captain Gilroy: That's what I thought. You're going to need some supplies to fix the forge. Hunt around our base and see what you can do with the things nearby. The forge is in a little room north-west of here. Get a move on!
    • Nothing
      • Player: Nothing.

The Player uses the blocks to open the second security door.

Security Room 3: The Control Panel[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Gilroy: You know, after this much sabotage, I'm not inclined to trust these panels.
  • Infobox: You turn your magical senses on the panels...
  • Player: Ha. Nice try, mysterious opponent.
  • Infobox: ...and disarm a nasty little magical trap.
  • Captain Gilroy: Good work, recruit. Now just open up those panels and get them filled up.

The Player correctly arranges the panels and opens the third door.

The Triple Entente[edit | edit source]

The Black Knight team enters a room with empty boxes, puddles of goo, and an open magical portal.

  • Captain Gilroy: Oooooh, no. No, no, no. This is not good. Really, not good.
  • Black Knight: Where are all the crates? All the puzzle cubes?
  • Captain Gilroy: The security system...the monsters. Someone has broken in and stolen them all. And just what in Zamorak's name is that?
  • Captain Gilroy: I have to call in Lord Daquarius. He's going to be so mad...
  • Captain Gilroy: Lord Daquarius, you must come to the cube storage room. It's an emergency.

Lord Daquarius appears in the room.

  • Lord Daquarius: This had better be good to drag me all the way down here, Captain.
  • Captain Gilroy: Sir, it is, I swear. The security rooms had been sabotaged, the storage room is practically empty, and...there's that big pulsating portal over there.
  • Lord Daquarius: I can see that! If the security system was sabotaged, how did you get in here?
  • Captain Gilroy: The new recruit got us in. He/She was quite skilled in bypassing the system.
  • Lord Daquarius: Was he/she indeed.
  • Lord Daquarius: Recruit, front and centre!
  • Player: Yes, sir.
  • Lord Daquarius: Take off your helm. I take pride in knowing all my knights by name, but I need to see your face.
  • Player:
  • Yes, sir.
  • I'd rather not.
    • Player: Err...I'd rather not. I've got a terrible rash, really unpleasant.
    • Lord Daquarius: Knight, I gave you an order. Take off your helm or I'll do it for you...with your head still in it.
    • Player: Very well...
  • I refuse!
    • Missing dialogue
  • Lord Daquarius: YOU! I should have known! Captain, arrest this man/woman.
  • Player: Wait! You have to listen to me. I know it doesn't look good, but I'm on an important mission and all of our lives may be at stake.
  • Lord Daquarius: You White Knight scum are always on a mission to 'save the world', but it always ends with Black Knight deaths!
  • Player: That was true in the past, but not this time. I'm not on a White Knight mission, I'm with the Void Knights. You have no history of adversity with them, so please hear me out.
  • Lord Daquarius: I will listen, but it had better be good!
  • Player: Appeal to his love of the Black Knights.
    • Player: The Pests are escaping from the Void Knight's Outpost. We don't really know how, but all the clues lead to here and to these cubes.
    • Player: Pests are a threat to all of us; they'll do anything to invade and destroy our world. I know you care deeply about the black Knights. Don't waste their lives because of your pride. Help us stop the pests.
  • Blame him for creating the threat to everyone.
    • Player: You're so quick to blame others, but it's you who has gotten us all into this mess! Making these cubes, abusing that pest to get the goo...all of this has led to pests escaping from the island and who knows what else? Now, (sic)
    • Player: someone has taken the cubes and opened a portal to gods know where! You want me to persuade you to help? Fine, help clean up your own mess! Take responsibility for your own actions and your foolish pride.
  • Explain the danger in calm, logical terms.
    • Player: This all started with me investigating an escaped pest from the Void Knights' Outpost. Along the way, I learned that a pest was used to create these cubes, and that you and the Black Knights were behind the whole thing. But
    • Player: now, I suspect that you were only part of that and someone was helping you, someone who had ulterior motives and has now betrayed you. That person poses a threat to all of us.
  • Lord Daquarius: It sounds to me like a cooked up conspiracy of the Temple Knights. Those interfering, arrogant fools... The whole world isn't under threat from a bunch of cubes! There's no great crisis.

Korasi, Jessika, and Sir Tiffy teleport in.

  • Korasi: I beg to disagree, Daquarius.
  • Lord Daquarius: Will you people stop invading my secret bases!
  • Korasi: Matters deemed it necessary. Savant has been tracking [player's name]'s movements and alerted us that he/she had been discovered.
  • Jessika: Yeah! And I think I figured out what's going on, and we thought you might want to know too, since it's important.
  • Jessika: I've been doing some research on the side...about the Valluta. In the book Korasi gave me about the Void Knights, it was referred to as a powerful weapon. I was thinking about it, and about Korasi's memory from the
  • Jessika: ship with all the pests suddenly appearing and disappearing, and the mysterious figure, and the cubes, and the depression, an-
  • Korasi: Long story short, we think the mysterious figure from the ship opened the portal to the Valluta. We need to get in there and stop him before he gets it.
  • Jessika: I was getting to that!
  • Lord Daquarius: What are you idiots talking about? What is a Valluta? What ship?
  • Sir Tiffy: There isn't time to explain.
  • Sir Tiffy: Lord Daquarius, we have had our differences in the past. But long ago, all the knights of Falador banded together to protect our land. I would ask you to trust us that the threat of the Valluta is great enough that we
  • Sir Tiffy: must once again put aside our differences and form an alliance.
  • Lord Daquarius: What about you, [player name]? Would you like to bully me into this as well?
  • Player: As Sir Tiffy said, time is short! Use your head. Would the leader of the Temple Knights be asking for your help if there wasn't great danger to all?
  • If player blamed Lord Daquarius
  • Player: No one's bullying you, Daquarius. This is your own mess, and we're simply asking you to take responsibility for your actions. If you don't, then it's on your head what happens next.
  • Lord Daquarius: ...
  • Lord Daquarius: That's the biggest load of RUBBISH I had ever heard! That's how you plan on persuading me to your side?
  • Korasi: You get to kill pests and get revenge of that son of a brawler who killed your men and stabbed you in the back. How does that sound?
  • Lord Daquarius: Now that sounds much more appealing.
  • Lord Daquarius: The Kinshra will support you in this battle...but only on condition that [player name] leads the force.
  • Lord Daquarius: You seem to switch sides on a whim, and hold allegiance to none. At this point, that makes you the least untrustworthy person here.
  • Sir Tiffy: I'll agree to that. [Player name] has proved himself to both Sir Amik and myself on many occasions.
  • Korasi: I agree on behalf of the Void Knights. What do you say, [player name]?
  • Player:
  • Okay, I'll do it.
    • Korasi: Great! I'll contact Commodore Tyr and we'll gather our forces here.
  • No, I don't think that's a good idea.
    • Korasi Please reconsider, [player]. We can't have an alliance and defeat our foe unless you agree! Think about it and speak to me when you've decided.
  • Speaking with Black Knight after rejecting the alliance
    • Black Knight Too bad that door didn't electrocute you.
  • Speaking with Captain Gilroy after rejecting the alliance
    • Captain Gilroy You White Knights are all the same, acting like you rule the world.
  • Attempting to enter the portal after rejecting the alliance
    • You attempt to enter the portal but it prevents you.

Commodore Tyr arrives with a force of Void Knights. White and Black Knights also arrive.

  • Dialogue with Lord Daquarius and Sir Tiffy
    • Sir Tiffy By Saradomin, you can't really think that, Daquarius? It's practically suicide! We need to suss out the enemy, sneak in...
    • Lord Daquarius Not everything can be solved by sneaking around, Tiffy! From what you've told me, time is of the essence, we need to act quickly. There's not enough time for reconnaissance.
    • Commodore Tyr Ah, [player]. It's good to see you again. Excuse these two; us knights are rather opinionated fellows.

Dialogue with Commodore Tyr follows

    • Commodore Tyr: We were just discussing what we should do next. There's no way to know what is beyond that portal. I think we can expect pests, but the Void Knights know how to handle them. Now that our forces are here, I think our only
    • Commodore Tyr: choice is to go through.
    • Player:
    • I agree.
    • Commodore Tyr: Good. I believe Korasi wanted to speak with you briefly. Once you've talked to her, lead us through the portal.
    • I'm not so sure.
      • Player: I'm not so sure. That seems quite dangerous and puts us all at risk.
      • Commodore Tyr: It will be dangerous and, normally, I would send a scouting party, but there just isn't time.
      • Player: Hmm, I need to think on this.
      • Commodore Tyr: Well, don't think too long. While you're thinking, I believe Korasi wanted to speak to you.
  • Captain Korasi: Hi, [player name].
  • Player: What's up, Korasi?
  • Captain Korasi: I think it's really great that you're leading the alliance. I wanted to give you my sword, so you can use it to lead us into battle.
  • Player: Your sword? Won't you need it?
  • Captain Korasi: The blade is enchanted with powerful magics to combat the Void. I have a feeling you are going to need it to deal with the challenges we are going to face...
  • Captain Korasi: Besides, I can use one of our regular maces instead. I'd be proud to see my sword lead us into battle.
  • Player: Then of course I'll use it. Thank you.
  • Captain Korasi: Jessika has kindly imbued it with a returning spell, so if you ever happen to lose the sword, it should return to me.
  • Infobox: Korasi hands you her sword.

Dialogue with Daquarius:

  • Lord Daquarius: Are you ready to go into the portal? Are you prepared for the death that may be awaiting you on the other side?
  • Player:
  • I'm ready.
    • Lord Daquarius: Good. Lead us through the portal!
  • On second thoughts, no.

Dialogue with Jessika:

  • Jessika: Hi [player]!
  • Player: Hi Jessika.
  • Jessika: What can I do for you?
  • Player:
  • Are you scared about the upcoming battle?
    • Jessika Only a little. I haven't seen much battle yet in my Void Knight training.
    • Jessika But I'll be fine. I want to capture who ever is behind this before they cause any more trouble!
  • Can you tell me more about your theories?
    • Player: Can you tell me more about your theories? I mean, about the Valluta and the man in black from Korasi's memory?
    • Jessika: Okay, but it's all just conjecture. What do you want to know about?
    • Player:
      • What's the Valluta and why is it important?
        • Jessika: Well, the Void Knights were telling me tales about the Valluta and how it's a weapon to stop pests. I started wondering if it was really just to stop pests or if it was maybe just a weapon to stop one's foes. There doesn't
        • Jessika: seem to be a lot of information on it.
        • Player: Hmm, that'd be a very powerful weapon indeed.
        • Jessika: Yeah you wouldn't want it to fall into the wrong hands. Which got me thinking about the man Korasi saw kill Commodore Matthias. He clearly had good control of the pests and wants to stop the Void Knights, maybe even
        • Jessika: destroy them! So, he'd want something like the Valluta.
      • What do the cubes have to do with this?
        • Jessika: I was studying the one you got from Ali Tist. I was wondering how the Black Knights got hold of the void leech, and how they knew what to do with the goo. It made me sense that if the mysterious figure got the pest,
        • Jessika: since he's so good at controlling them, he might give it to the Black Knights to fund whatever it was he wants to do with the cubes. I think he needs the cubes for gaining control of the Valluta for some reason.
        • Player: Why would the Black Knights agree to fund making the cubes if he was going to use them on something else? They didn't seem to expect all of this.
        • Jessika: Oh, that's easy! I asked the Black Knights after you formed the alliance. Captain Gilroy says the mysterious figure lied about wanting to help them and told them the cubes would sap the White Knights' energy.
        • Jessika: The Black Knights then planned to invade Falador while the White Knights were weakened. The mysterious figure must have just been waiting for the Black Knights to make enough and then stole what he needed for his own
        • Jessika: plans.
      • Who do you think the man behind this is?
        • Jessika: I don't know. He must be a very skilled summoner to control so many pests at once. I mean, when I was at the Wizards' Tower, none of them were particularly skilled. It was kind of a new field of study. There was just me and
        • Jessika: the professor.
  • Never mind.

Dialogue with Commodore Tyr:

  • Commodore Tyr: Are you ready to go through the portal? It could be a tough fight. There's a good chance we may all die.
  • Player: *I'm ready.
    • Commodore Tyr: Good. Lead on through the portal.
  • On second thoughts, no.
    • Missing dialogue

The Player leads the allied leaders through the portal.

The Void Stares Back[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Korasi: Well, we made it. We should send word to start bringing our troops through.
  • Captain Korasi: Wait...what's that?
  • Wizard Grayzag: I'm so glad you could join us! You are, perhaps, a little earlier than I had expected, but no matter.
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Wizard Grayzag. Suddenly a great deal becomes clear.
  • Jessika: Professor Melville! What are you doing here?
  • Lord Daquarius: You! You backstabber. How dare you endanger my men?
  • Wizard Grayzag: Ah, Daquarius. You are so easily manipulated. But, I couldn't have done it without you. I must send you a fruit basket when all of this is over.
  • Captain Korasi: You will pay for this, Grayzag... You will pay for every knight's death a hundredfold!
  • Jessika: But why, professor? Why are you doing this? When did your work stop being about knowledge?
  • Wizard Grayzag: Oh, my dear, naive Jessika. It was never about knowledge; it was only everabout respect...and revenge!
  • Wizard Grayzag: I am the greatest summoner alive!
  • Wizard Grayzag: And yet those petty fools at the Wizards' Tower failed to see my greatness. They rejected my research, mocked my imps...well, I turned to something a little larger instead.
  • Wizard Grayzag: I stumbled upon the stories of the Valluta and I knew I could use it to prove my theories.
  • Wizard Grayzag: After that it was easy. I practised for a while by opening portals on the deserted islands in the south seas...
  • Commodore Tyr: WHAT? You're the one responsible for the past twenty years of attacks we've suffered?
  • Wizard Grayzag: I enjoyed causing that chaos, but I needed someone on the inside to study the portals' effects. So I sent you, Jessika, my brightest student.
  • Wizard Grayzag: You proved most useful of all, sending that leech right into my arms. I think I'll send you two fruit baskets.
  • Jessika: No...
  • Wizard Grayzag: The leech was they key, you see. I knew from Jessika's reports that I could put it to use and neutralise the Valluta, to drain its life force. The Black Knights had the means to produce the goo on the scale I needed.
  • Wizard Grayzag: And it wasn't exactly hard to convince you to do it, was it, Daquarius, with your small-minded grudges?
  • Wizard Grayzag: And then we come to [player name]. I have detested you for many years, but you're too late now!
  • Wizard Grayzag: The goo is draining the Valluta as we speak and then I shall perform the greatest summoning anyone has ever seen. I shall summon...
  • Wizard Grayzag: The Pest Queen! You'll be no match for me then. I'm glad you're here to witness the most awesome summoning act ever. Too bad you won't live to tell the tale.
  • Wizard Grayzag: However, I need a little time yet to claim the Valluta's power for myself so...say hello to my little friends!

Grayzag summons a small army of pests.

  • Jessika: Professor, no! This is all wrong! Please, stop and listen to reason!

Grayzag disappears through a door and Jessika runs through the midst of the pests to follow him.

  • Captain Korasi: Jessika, come back!
  • Commodore Tyr: Korasi, wait! Stand your ground, don't get too close!
  • Player: Erm, they're coming this way...
  • Captain Korasi: Quickly, in here!

The allies retreat into a smaller cave.

  • Player: Back, you devils!
  • Captain Korasi: [Player name], watch out - the cave's collapsing!

The player ducks into the cave, avoiding the falling rocks.

  • Captain Korasi: Are you alright, [player name]?
  • Player: I think so. Everything still seems to be attached.
  • Lord Daquarius: Well, what a fantastic plan that was - now we're trapped in here!
  • Sir TIffy Cashien: Calm down, will you, Daquarius? We're not done for yet.
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Hmm, I'm just about picking up a signal in here.
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Ahem, as I say, is anyone reading this?
  • Savant: Tiffy? I re.. .our, but it.. .ery w..k. (Tiffy? I receive your signal, but it's very weak.)
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Savant! There's a good girl! You're not coming through very clearly, though, old fruity.
  • Savant: ... .uning ..r .mmorb to a high.r freq...y, Tif..! (Try tuning your commorb to a higher frequency, Tiffy!)
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Hmm, let me see...
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Savant, old love, can you read me now?
  • Savant: Roger that, Tiffy! Reading you loud and clear!
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Jolly good show! Savant, we're in a spot of bother here - stuck behind some rocks, wouldn't you know!
  • Savant: Copy that, Tiffy, I'll get you out. Just sit tight and try not to use your commorb much; transmitting on a high frequency like this will rapidly drain its power supply.
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Understood. Cashien out.
  • Lord Daquarius: Now what?
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: We wait, Daquarius. Savant will have us out of here in a jiffy.
  • Lord Daquarius: And just exactly how long is a 'jiffy', Cashien? If the Kinshra were running things, this operation would be going a lot more smoothly.
  • Commodore Tyr: You mean like when you were colluding with that madman, Grayzag?
  • Lord Daquarius: Spare me the accusational tone, Tyr. I do not have to explain the Kinshra's actions to you judgemental Void Knights.
  • Captain Korasi: Then perhaps you would prefer to explain them to my mace instead, cur!
  • Savant: Come in, Tiffy, Savant here.
  • Sir TIffy Cashien: Just in the nick of time, Savant, things are getting quite heated up in here, old girl...
  • Savant: Tiffy, I can't get a lock on you, there's a lot of strange interference coming from near your location.
  • Savant: The best I can do for now is send you a little something to help. You should be receiving it now...

A pickaxe is teleported into the cave.

  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: A pickaxe! Good thinking, Savant!
  • Lord Daquarius: A bronze pickaxe? It'll take years to mine through this rubble with one of those!
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Well, you'd better get started then.
  • Lord Daquarius: What?
  • Lord Daquarius: Fine. Stand aside then, you pathetic excuse for a hero...
  • Commodore Tyr: If Daquarius manages to be of any use at all, we'd better give some thought as to what to do about that void army of Grayzag's out there.
  • Captain Korasi: No need to worry there, Commodore. I'll cut my way through the lot of them to get to Jessika and that murderer, Grayzag.
  • Commodore Tyr: While I commend your zeal, Korasi, we are vastly outnumbered. We'll need reinforcements to prevail in the battle.
  • Commodore Tyr: We'll need to start bringing our troops through the portal. Tiffy, can you get word to Savant to deploy our forces?
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Capital idea, old spice.
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Come in, Savant; Cashien here.
  • Savant: Savant here. How are things going, Tiffy?
  • Sir TIffy Cashien: That pickaxe of yours is working wonders, my dear.
  • Lord Daquarius: ...
  • Savant: Good to hear. I'm reading power levels dropping in your commorb, though - best make this quick!
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Copy that. We need you to send our troops through the portal. Send the best - they are going to have a fight on their hands when they get here.
  • Savant: I thought you might need backup, so I prepped a Conquest squad and have them ready to deploy to your location. I believe [player name] has experience commanding these troops, Tiffy.
  • Sir TIffy Cashien: You never fail to impress, Savant!
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: What say you, [player name]? Are you ready to lead this squad into glorious battle against the void pest threat?
  • Player:
  • You bet!
    • Sir Tiffy Cashien: That's a good boy/girl. You can use my commorb to send your orders.
  • No, I need to get out of here right now!
    • ​The player leaves the cave. Upon the player's return:
    • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Ah, welcome back old bean!
    • Player: What? How did I go through the portal and end up back in here?
    • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Yes...that is odd. It must be that interference that Savant mentioned...
    • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Anyway, now that you're back, we can get on with winning this battle!
    • Sir Tiffy Cashien: What say you, [player name]? Are you ready to lead this squad into glorious battle against the void pest threat?
    • Player:
      • You bet!
      • No, I need to get out of here right now!
  • Player: Hello? Savant, are you there?
  • Savant: I read you, [player name], but the commorb is almost out of power. You're only going to be able to transmit your orders in bursts, to allow the commorb time to recharge.
  • Player: How will that impact on the battle?
  • Savant: Your troops will stand their ground while they wait for new orders to arrive, but the pests will keep attacking during this time!
  • Savant: Try to anticipate what their actions will be while the commorb is recharging, and issue your orders accordingly!
  • Player: Understood. Send the troops through now, Savant.
  • Savant: Deploying the troops and patching you through now, [player name]. Good luck!

The player commands the allied forces to victory!

  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: How are things going out there, my boy/girl?
  • Player: That's the last of them dealt with!
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Bravo, I say, bravo! Now we just need to get out of this cave.
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Daquarius, how are you getting on with that rock?
  • Lord Daquarius: Why don't you come over here and see for yourself, you lazy old coot?
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: I say! Bad form, Daquarius, bad form indeed!
  • Lord Daquarius: Wait! I think I can feel the rock about to give - I've almost made it through!
  • Savant: Come in, Tiffy, Savant here.
  • Player: It's [player name] here, Savant. I'll just hand you over to Sir Tiffy.
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Ah, Savant, my dear. What's the good word?
  • Savant: I've managed to cut through the interference and get a lock on you. Teleporting now...
  • Lord Daquarius: WHAT?

Savant teleports the trapped company into the main cave.

  • Captain Korasi: Jessika, just hold on! I'm coming!
  • Commodore Tyr: Korasi, wait! It could be a trap!

Korasi charges through the opening in search of Jessika.

  • Commodore Tyr: Quickly now! We must go after her; prepare yourself for battle, [player name]. Guthix only knows what could be waiting for us in there.

The player and his companions follow Korasi through the opening.

Monstrosities Moral and Corporeal[edit | edit source]

  • Wizard Grayzag: That should be enough power for the portal. Now, for the catalyst. Ah, [player name]. So glad you could join us. You're just in time; I need your help.
  • Player: I'll never help you.
  • Wizard Grayzag: Oh, but you don't have a choice. You see, the cubes have drained the Valluta, and I used that power to open the portal, but I need a death to catalyse the summoning of the queen.
  • Wizard Grayzag: I can kill Jessika, here, or I can order my pests to kill Korasi.
  • Wizard Grayzag: I think it'll be more fun to let you decide.
  • Korasi: Don't worry about me, I'm prepared to lay down my life. Save Jessika!
  • Jessika: No! This is all my fault. I deserve this! Save Korasi!
  • Player: Why don't I kill you, Grayzag, and save us all the trouble?
  • Wizard Grayzag: No, no, no. If you kill me, they both die and the Pest Queen will still be summoned. I'm growing tired of you stalling...
  • Wizard Grayzag: Make. Your. Choice.
  • Infobox: Who will you try to save?*Save Jessika.
  • Save Korasi.
    • The player runs over to Korasi and frees her from the pests holding her, and Grayzag kills Jessika with a spell.

The Pest Queen is summoned and begins to force itself through the portal.

The rest of the transcript is of the quest's ending if Korasi is saved. Any dialogue which is different if Jessika is saved is missing.

Player: Oh no, we're too late! The Pest Queen is coming through!

  • Korasi: It's never too late. I'm going to shut down that portal.

Korasi destroys a waxwood box and the portal fails. Korasi is thrown aside by the explosion of the box.

  • Player: That's done it! The portal's closed...
  • Player: ...but the Pest Queen made it through.
  • Wizard Grayzag: And only the greatest summoner will be able to defeat her! And that's me!
  • Sir Tiffy: Not so fast, Grayzag! You're under arrest.
  • Wizard Grayzag: Only if you can catch me! WHEE!

Grayzag ducks through the arms of Lord Daquarius and flees through the entrance of the cave.

  • Sir Tiffy: Don't worry, Tyr's right on the other side. We'll get him. [Player name], you will have to deal with the Pest Queen. We'll send troops through as soon as they're ready.
  • Lord Daquarius: That mad man is not getting away from me!

White, Black, and Void Knights begin to enter the battlefield against the Queen.

  • Captain Korasi: Our troops are coming to help, [player name]...keep them safe...

If Korasi is spoken to as she lies on the ground:

  • Player:
    • Are you okay?
      • Captain Korasi: Don't worry about me [player name] need to stop the Pest Queen...
    • How do I kill the Pest Queen?
      • Captain Korasi: I don't know. Maybe...maybe this creature does.
    • I lost your sword.
      • Captain Korasi: It's a good thing...Jessika put...that returning spell on...the sword.

If the Valluta is spoken to:

  • Valluta: Small one, I am too weak to stand against this threat. You must fight...
  • Player: But what do I do?
  • Valluta: Ask. My knowledge may yet aid you...
  • Player:
    • How do I combat the Pest Queen?
      • Valluta: Match this beast's devastating attacks, with those of your own...
    • How do I defeat the void drones?
      • Valluta: Your friends have the...experience necessary to combat these foes. Protect them while they do their work...
    • How do I stop more pests appearing?
      • Valluta: The beast calls its minions forth from the Void. They will not stop until the beast is slain...

After a long and bloody battle, the player and the allied knights slay the Pest Queen!

  • Captain Korasi: [Player name]! You did it! Come speak to me, we need to deal with Grayzag.

The player returns to Korasi and a cutscene plays with Sir Tiffy, Daquarius, Korasi, Commodore Tyr, and the Valluta gathered around Grayzag, who is tied to a column.

  • Valluta: Thank you, [player name], for fulfilling the duty I could not and killing the Pest Queen.
  • Valluta: And you, Korasi, for destroying those boxes. Without you two, all would be lost.
  • Player: What exactly are you?
  • Valluta: I am Valluta, protector of weak places. I exist to guard this world against creatures from the Void and beyond.
  • Captain Korasi: Now that you're safe again, all portals to the Void will go away, right? The Void Knights will finally be free of their battle against the pests.
  • Valluta: That is not the case. The efforts of Grayzag, impetuous and ambitious, have forever damaged the boundaries on which the portals form.
  • Valluta: I fear the brave Void Knights must continue their vigil still. They must be in future just as they have been up to now: Valluta. Just as I am. Just as you are, and the sword you carry.
  • Player: We're all Valluta?
  • Lord Daquarius: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're all part of the balance - blah, blah, blah. Now, can we please get to the more pressing matter at hand? I want to torture Grayzag to death, and I want to do it now!
  • Sir Tiffy: That's not the way. If Sir Amik were here he'd want to lock Grayzag away, that much I'm sure of.
  • Sir Tiffy: But I think the Temple Knights can gain information from him, then we'll dispose of him. He is too great a risk to keep around.
  • Commodore Tyr: No, I don't want to delay this. He needs to die now. He has cost too many Void Knight lives and the balance will only be righted with his immediate death.
  • Melville Grayzag: I showed them! I showed them all! Heee, they'll never call me Lamezag again!
  • Lord Daquarius: That's it, I'm going to kill him! NOW!
  • Captain Korasi: Stop it!
  • Captain Korasi: None of you has the right to decide his death. [Player name] has hunted him from the beginning. [Player name] had to choose between two friends' lives. [Player name] defeated the Pest Queen. Only he/she has
  • Captain Korasi: the right to decide Grayzag's fate.
  • Captain Korasi: What do you want do to with Grayzag, [player name]?
  • Infobox: What should be done with Grayzag?
  • Slowly tortured to death by the Black Knights.
    • Player: Let the Black Knights have him. He deserves nothing less.
    • Lord Daquarius: Ha!
    • Commodore Tyr: There is no balance in torture. It will not bring back those we lost.
    • Melville Grayzag: Heehee, this is going to tickle!
    • Lord Daquarius: Any pain you felt previously will pale in comparison to what you are about to feel.
    • Fade to black
    • Lord Daquarius: And now to finish you, you worthless cur.
    • Daquarius executes Grayzag with his sword.
    • Commodore Tyr: You disgust me, Daquarius.
    • Lord Daquarius: What? Can't stand a little squealing, Tyr? You Void Knights are pathetic.
  • Taken for 'disposal' by the Temple Knights.
    • Player: Let Sir Tiffy take him. We mustn't lose information just to satisfy our feelings of revenge now.
    • Sir Tiffy: I'm glad you feel that way, [player]. Rest assured, when we've gathered all we can, he will be dealt with.
    • Lord Daquarius: Bah! You're a bunch of little girls.
    • Melville Grayzag: Sugar and spice! Everything nice!
    • Sir Tiffy unbinds Grayzag from the column.
    • Sir Tiffy: Time for you to go [sic] Grayzag.
    • Sir Tiffy uses a tele-other animation on Grayzag, and he is teleported away.
    • Lord Daquarius: My patience wears thin with you people. You can't stomach anything but flowers and rainbows.
  • Cleanly executed by the Void Knights.
    • Player: I want this madness over with. Tyr, he's yours.
    • Commodore Tyr: You've made the right choice.
    • Lord Daquarius: Bah. He deserves to suffer.
    • Melville Grayzag: Suffer sounds like muffler.
    • Commodore Tyr: I hope you may find balance in eternal slumber.
    • Commodore Tyr executes Grayzag with his sword.
    • Lord Daquarius: My patience wears thin with you people. You can't stomach anything but flowers and rainbows.
  • Locked up for life by the White Knights.
    • Player: There's been enough killing. Lock him away where he can't hurt anyone.
    • Commodore Tyr: I think that is an unwise choice... but it is not my choice to make.
    • Lord Daquarius: Pfrt, you're pathetic, [Player].
    • Melville Grayzag: Pathetic, pathetic - nah, nan, nah-nah nah - [Player]'s pathetic.
    • Sir Tiffy unbinds Grayzag from the collumn.
    • Sir Tiffy:Time for you to go Grayzag.
    • Sir Tiffy casts teleother on Grayzag.
    • Lord Daquarius: My patience wears thin with you people. You can't stomach anything but flowers and rainbows.
  • Lord Daquarius: [Player name], think twice before infiltrating my fortresses in the future. I will not look kindly on another intrustion by you.
  • Sir Tiffy: While I don't agree with the sentiment, Daquarius, I agree it is time to go. Thank you for your help, [player name].

Daquarius and Tiffy depart.

  • Commodore Tyr: So ends this alliance of knights.
  • Commodore Tyr: All things considered, I think we've done well here today.
  • Commodore Tyr: Grayzag is dealt with, the Valluta restored in the temple and in us all, and humanity is safe from the Pest swarm.
  • Player: I couldn't save Jessika, Tyr. I'm sorry.
  • Korasi: There was no way to save us both, [player name], and I'm grateful to you for saving my life.
  • Korasi: Jessika was a true Void Knight and I cared for her a great deal. I swear that everything I do in the Void Knights' service from this day on will be dedicated to her. She will be remembered.
  • Commodore Tyr: Well said, Korasi.
  • Commodore Tyr: And what of yourself, [player name]? You've come a long way in service of the Void Knights, and we reward our own.
  • Commodore Tyr: But what would be suitable? You've had some decisions to make that reflect on you as an individual.

(The following dialogue depends on choices made previously by the player)

  • Choice: telling the bartender of the Rusty Anchor about the matter in his cellar during A Void Dance
  • If the player told the bartender the truth:
    • Commodore Tyr: You told an uninformed bartender the truth of what lurked in his cellar, potentially causing a panic.
    • Player: I refused to lie to someone about a matter affecting them closely, yes.
  • If the player lied to the bartender:
    • ​Missing dialogue
  • Choice: killing or sparing the doorkeeper while infiltrating the Black Knights' Fortress in A Void Dance
  • If the doorkeeper was spared:
    • Commodore Tyr: You left the doorkeeper alive, despite the fact that he could have potentially identified you later and disrupted the entire mission.
    • Player: You mean, I refused to kill a defeated opponent in cold blood.
  • If the doorkeeper was murdered:
    • ​Missing dialogue
  • Choice: killing or sparing the enslaved workers in the fortress during A Void Dance
  • If the workers were spared:
    • Commodore Tyr: You avoided killing any of the workers, even though this would have made your life easier.
    • Player: Of course I did. There seemed to be little need to kill unarmed slaves.
  • If the workers were murdered:
    • Player: It was the quickest way to end the workshop's production and stop the spread of the goo.
  • Choice: freeing or killing the void leech during A Void Dance
  • If the leech was freed:
    • Commodore Tyr: You released a void leech into the world, even though it is an enemy to all life on this plane.
    • Player: I disagree with that. It was lost, crippled, confused, and out of the Pest Queen's control. It was no threat to anyone.
  • If the leech was slain:
    • Commodore Tyr:You killed a void leech, a crippled and defenceless creature, rather than do the merciful thing and free it to live out its life.
    • Player:I disagree with that. The merciful thing for the pest was to put it out of its misery; the merciful thing for the people of this world was to remove a potential threat, however distant.
  • Choice: Melville Grayzag's fate
  • If Grayzag was executed by Tyr:
    • Commodore Tyr: You let us give Grayzag a merciful death. Compassion and justice sit well on you.
    • Player: There's no sense prolonging what has to be done.
  • If Grayzag was tortured by Daquarius:
    • ​Missing dialogue
  • If Grayzag was 'disposed of' by Tiffy:
    • Commodore Tyr:You had the Temple Knights take Grayzag to be...worked on. Was that wise?
    • Player:I have every faith in the Temple Knights. They can rework him to be kinder, wiser and more constructive than before.
  • If Grayzag was imprisoned by Sir Amik:
    • Commodore Tyr: You had Grayzag imprisoned and his lie spared even after his schemes killed so many and endangered the world. Was that wise?
    • Player: He has been neutralised without being killed his death on top of all those others would be needless.
  • Tyr's judgement:
  • Guardian:
    • Commodore Tyr: Allow me to present you with the armour of a Void Knight Guardian, and two books containing some secrets of our combat techniques.
  • Justiciar:
    • Commodore Tyr: Allow me to present you with the armour of a Void Knight Justiciar, and two books containing some secrets of our combat techniques.
  • Executioner:
    • Commodore Tyr: Allow me to present you with the armour of a Void Knight Executioner, and two books containing some secrets of our combat techniques.
  • Commodore Tyr: I also believe you should keep the sword you took into battle against the Pest Queen.
  • Korasi: I couldn't agree more.

Quest complete!

Post-quest[edit | edit source]

If the player speaks to Jessika (assuming she's alive) before exiting the chamber:

  • Jessika:We'll handle the clean-up here, [player name].

If the player speaks to Korsai (assuming she's alive) before exiting the chamber:

  • Missing dialogue

If the player speaks to Commodore Tyr before exiting the chamber:

  • Commodore Tyr:We should leave this place. If you have questions for the Valluta, now's the time to ask them. I plan to have the portal Grayzag opened disrupted as soon as we return.
  • Commodore Tyr:Any other business you have with me can wait until after we're back at the outpost.

If the player speaks to Valluta before exiting the chamber:

  • Valluta:Ah, my deliverer returns. Greetings, [player name], mighty being.
  • Player:I had some questions for you, if you don't mind.
  • Valluta:Please, by all means, ask Valluta, servitor of Guthix, what you will. I fear I know little outside of this chamber, but I shall answer as best I can.
  • What exactly are you?
    • Player:Who exactly are you?
    • Valluta: I am Valluta, protector of weak places. I exist to guard this world against creatures from the Void and beyond.
    • Valluta:It was Guthix, balancer of all scales, who placed me here, as he has placed so many other guardians against that which threatens his world.
    • Valluta:In this spot is a weakening, a closeness of worlds, and those worlds can be brought into conjunction. I am to prevent this.
    • Player:A job you performed less than admirably.
    • Valluta:[player name], strong in reproach, is right to berate me. Of late I have felt echoes, small pulls of duty, but to a place far away from here.
    • Player:To where Grayzag was opening his portals on the islands in the southern seas...
    • Valluta:I couldn not draw myself back quickly enough when the attack came. Packed arounde with the leech goo, I was reduced to uselessness as you saw.
  • Will there be a new queen in the Void?
    • Player:Will there be a new queen in the Void?
    • Valluta:Yes. There is always a queen.
    • Player:And will the new one keep up the attack?
    • Valluta:It was once that the queen, slave driver of pests, could not enter this world, for the weakening was too small.
    • Valluta:Now, I do not know. I suspect not, and that she would need help again, but Grayzag, twisted and insane, is taken away* and cannot help her. *(The words 'taken away' are used when the player chooses to have Grayzag get taken to the Temple Knights. They may be different if the player chooses to have the Void Knights kill Grayzag.)
    • Player:In the event that she doesn't need help, or if someone else helps her...
    • Valluta:Valluta, restored and contrite, stands ready.
  • Will the portals stop appearing now?
    • Player:It was Grayzag making the portals in the southern eas, so they'll stop appearing now, right?
    • Valluta:This is not the case. The efforts of Grayzag, impetuous and ambitious, have forever damaged the boundaries on which the portals form.
    • Valluta:I fear the brave Void Knights must continue their vigil still. They hust be in future as they have been up to now: Valluta. Just as I am. Just as you are, and the sword you carry.
    • Player:Vall- Wait, you're saying that we're ALL the Valluta?
    • Valluta:Valluta is simply what I am, what I do. Protector. Fortification. Guard against the Void. All who fought here today have done this. All who fought here are Valluta.
  • That's all, thanks.
    • Player:That's all, thanks.