Transcript of The Ugthanatos

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Behold the ritual was successful and my mighty ugthanatos are now here.

They are everything I had hoped they would be.

They have all the beauty and grace of their Ugthanki origins. Their faces possess that noble camel profile. Their backs adorned with magnificent humps. Their voices a delightful nasal ogulation.

Then they have the powerful warrior skills denied to the ugthanki because of their depressing lack of manipulating limbs. Perfection.

It was a genius idea to take spiritual creatures and swap them with creatures from our plane, even if I do say so myself. Getting the ugthanki to tell each other stories of these marvellous beasts caused them to slowly manifest in the spiritual realm. It's a novel way of recreating an army, though perhaps not without its flaws. I really should find a way to mask the smell.

They're very personable creatures and seem quite happy to call me 'the camel god', which is very touching I must say. They do make marvellous cups of tea and are surprisingly witty. Why only the other day Syrus was telling me a hilarious joke about a kalphite worker and a penguin. Apparently they really don't like penguins, not quite sure where that one has come from.

These ugthanatos are intelligent, noble and deadly warriors. Let's see Enakhra deal with these.