Transcript of The Tourist Trap journal entry

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  • Trena was distraught that her daughter Ana had vanished somewhere in the desert, and I agreed to help find her.
  • I found some suspicious guards in the desert, who I think may know something about Ana's disappearance.
  • I've killed the Mercenary Captain, I found a metal key on his body.
  • The key I took from the mercenary captain allowed me to gain access to the desert mining camp.
  • I've found a slave who says he’s going to escape. I've made a deal with the slave.
  • If can crack the locks on his chains, he'll trade me his slave clothes for desert robes. Hopefully, wnen I'm dressed in slave clothes I'll be able to get deeper into the mining cave system.
  • I managed to pick the locks on the slave's chains. He seemed quite pleased.
  • I've managed to swap the desert robes for slave robes.
  • I've managed to get into the underground mine area and the guards haven't stopped me yet.
  • I tried to enter the mines but my way was blocked by a guard. I was sure I had to get deeper into the mines.
  • I managed to distract captain Siad and have stolen the plans.
  • After helping the Bedabin people get a new weapon, they gave me a pineapple which I used to bribe the mine guard into allowing me further access into the mines.
  • I found Ana working as a slave in the mine. Luckily I had a cunning plan to get her out, and stuck her in a barrel.
  • I managed to smuggle her out from under the noses of the mine guards, secure her in a barrel, and take a cart ride to freedom outside the mining camp.
  • I returned Ana to her mother Irena, who was so grateful for all of my help that she rewarded me with some training.