Transcript of The Tale of the Muspah journal entry

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  • I promised to keep Erjolf's secret so he led me into the cave. I should follow him through the cave then speak to him.
  • Erjolf tells me there's something frozen in the middle of some ice. I should keep talking to him to find out all he has to tell me.
  • Erjolf has a plan to reach whatever's in the ice in the middle of the pool. I should listen carefully to his plan.
  • He's shown me how to make a fire raft by using a knife on some driftwood. I can then launch the fire raft if I have a tinderbox.
  • To get the fire rafts to reach the ice in the middle of the pool I'll need to adjust the current in the pool. I can use a spade to unblock the streams leading out of the pool, and to block them up again from the ice piles near each stream.
  • I should continue doing this until I have melted all the ice. I need to adjust the current in the pool by blocking and unblocking streams so that the rafts reach all the ice.
  • Just as I'd finished melting all the ice in the middle of the pool, Erjolf called me. I should go and speak to him.
  • It wasn't armour in the ice, as Erjolf expected, but the body of a frozen monster! Erjolf pointed out that the ice closest to the creature hasn't melted, which is odd after all the fire that's been around it. Erjolf wondered if the ice was in some way magical.
  • Erjolf suggested I should go to the Trollweiss Hunter Area and speak to the natural historian to find out more about the creature. I should take a good look at it first so I know how to describe the creature once I get there.
  • I've spoken to a natural historian at the Trollweiss Hunter Area, but I've not described the monster to him properly yet. If I need to remind myself what it looks like I can always go back to the cave to look at it again. I should try to describe the monster to the natural historian.
  • I've decribed[sic] the monster to the natural historian correctly, and he seemed quite confused by the whole affair. I should continue talking to him to find out more.
  • The natural historian seems to think the monster is a myth, but did say it matched a statue rumoured to be found in the desert. Apparently, no one has been able to find this statue yet, but it's somewhere east of the Desert Mining Camp. There's a small reward from the historian if I can tell him where the statue is. I should try to find that statue, taking a spade with me in case I need to dig it out of the sand.
  • I found the statue, and just as I was digging the sand from around it, a curious traveller appeared. He seemed quite excited about the statue. I should keep speaking to him until he's told me all he has to say.
  • I told Ali about the creature in the ice. He seemed daunted that I had found a creature which looked the same as the statue. He also says the creature is a myth. He tells me that, over time, many races have come to this world, each bringing with them their own tales and folklore. The creature in the ice is a Muspah, a nightmare creature from the imagination of a race which is from a particularly vicious plane. Members of this race are rare, but they are very strong magic users. Ali says that magic is probably involved with this Muspah, and I'll need to use magic to melt the ice around.
  • To melt the ice I will need four cut Sapphires.
  • I'll also need four cosmic runes and four water runes to enchant the sapphires.
  • Finally, I'll need a knife to bore the sapphires into the ice around the monster.
  • I've bored the sapphires in to the ice around the creature. Next I need to enchant the sapphires.
  • Erjolf tried to cut a trophy from the monster, but it was alive, which scared Erjolf off. The Muspah is just standing there. I suppose I could try talking to it.
  • The Muspah has transformed into another creature! He's a Mahjarrat and was hibernating in the ice to avoid being sacrificed in a ritual of rejuvenation. He wants me to help him hibernate again in the caves under the ritual site. I should talk to Erjolf to find a way of getting there.
  • I should meet Erjolf on the west coast of the Trollweiss Hunter Area, near where the snow begins. He's going to show me where I can make a canoe to reach the caves under the ritual site.
  • The creature the Muspah turned into is a Mahjarrat named Jhallan. His race have a rejuvenation ritual, but one of their kind is sacrificed following a battle.
  • Jhallan is too weak to fight, so he hibernated in the ice under the Ritual site to be rejuvenated without fighting. But the ice around him melted and carried him far from the Ritual site. Now he doesn't have the strength to hibernate again.
  • Jhallan needs me to find a peaceful cave to hibernate in. It needs to be ice cold, can't be too light or too noisy, and must be free of creatures.
  • I can help by collecting the same supplies I used to wake him up.
  • To hibernate Jhallan I will need:
  • Four Sapphires.
  • Four Cosmic runes
  • Four Water runes
  • A knife to bore the sapphires into the ice around Jhallan.
  • I managed to persuade Jhallan to make me a trophy to give to Erjolf. He's given me the Muspah's tail, which he's somehow conjured. Ali the Wise was right, the Mahjarrat must be powerful mages to be able to create an object from thin air!
  • I should give the Muspah's tail to Erjolf at the canoe I made in the Trollweiss Hunter Area.
  • I've given Erjolf the Muspah's tail. He seems delighted with it, and is sure it'll help him pass the Trials.
  • The Trollweiss natural historian also gave me an antique lamp.
  • I promised Ali the Wise that I'd tell him the outcome of my adventure. I can find him at his den in Nardah.